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How to reset your routine:
If I set an alarm and jump out of bed to start my day, I tend to feel stressed and always behind. Setting a morning routine that I do regardless of where I am in the world has always helped me get control over the day. Hope these realistic and simple tips help you too!

Start with a piece of paper, write down the main things that you need to get done before you get the kids up. For me that looks like this: Meditate, get grounded (usually by talking a morning walk), work out, get lunches made, check schedule, start breakfast for the kids, take vitamins and spend a little time quiet with my self.

Once you have your list, apply a time limit for each item, and start to put them in an order the works best for you. Since I am screen free in the morning, I will save my schedule checking until the very end and I typically like to mediate and have quiet time first thing (with my coffee).
Since these things take me roughly 1.5 hours, and I have to get the kids up at 7am, I will typically get up at 5am, leaving myself a 30 minute buffer.

The key to making this a stress free morning routine is to do it even if you are on vacation, traveling, hung over or tired. This is not about losing weight, eating healthy or adding some fad diet to your life. This is about your mental health and clarity. It is about you 🙂

Meditations I Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2JRs05FLxg&list=PLPXNOqvKD4Mt7Nqn_EkxMaeOllaxWw1p7



  1. What a great video and place to visit. My family went there years ago and it is a gorgeous place to vacation. I enjoy meditation by reading my Bible and remembering salvation in Him and what He did for me on the cross. Such peace! God bless! 😊

  2. Your last video inspired me to get dressed for running and jump on the treadmill straight after school drop off. ☺️

  3. Drinking water, taking vitamins & exercising in Cabo is not a routine.”, it’s HEAVEN!!! And stop looking at work emails! You deserve a break. Do keep making videos though 🤣

  4. This place is peaceful and beautiful. I love the ocean and any body of water, its peaceful to me. Thank you for this video. We all need down time, its for our wellbeing. Have a blessed and peaceful week.

  5. Love your videos! Do you have a link to the rug in your master bedroom? I need a new one for my bedroom and would like to get one like yours😄

  6. I agree this is the way to start the day each day ! Calm and center yourself before anything else!
    Enzo is as beautiful as always ! Love seeing him !
    What a beautiful place to relax ,regain , and refresh your mind body and soul !

  7. I loved your video your Fitness ones I would love to see more of and your morning routines it makes me want to start one also especially because summer is coming up and school be out soon i have a 10 year old daughter.💓

  8. I'm loving these workout routines. Watching again today while I do mine 😊 Have fun on your vacation! side note you're inspiring other women to take care of themselves and their health. Mind and body. Sometimes we all need that little push to get us going.

  9. I loved this video Lauren and I also love vacationing in Cabo! Would you mind sharing the name of the resort you stayed at? Its gorgeous! I really appreciate how simple and efficient your morning routine is. About to head over to do that meditation right now 🙂 I adore Micheal Sealey! Been listening to him for years. Thank you for the encouragement. Meditation really does make such a huge difference.

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