25 thoughts on “3.17 Full Loot Guide & How To Make 1SCU Boxes in Star Citizen”

  1. None intended gameplay usage of exploits as usual in guide format, i thought this was a bannable offence. This type of exploits needs to be reported not exploited.

  2. just talked about box-looting yesterday evening in Xero's stream and someone mentioned the "buyable" cargo boxes I haven't heard of. And I asked how to materialize them in order to do bunker-looting with them; and here we are, the Captain has already a vid on that, juhuuuuuu; so you saved me some time and I will try out bunker-box-looting later, now that 3.17 is life; btw, in yesterdays stream, the "draging" of items seemed smoother than before, cross fingers it stays that way; keep up the great work Captain, always entertaining and informative, one of the communities great assets! (and so much praise from a german is rare^^)

  3. Yeah, as he said at the end, with the time it takes, if you have tier 4 or 5 mercenary in any planet area, doing the 75k and 60k, or 75k and 90k (tier 5) without bothering with all the guns to sell, just grabbing gems and dumping them in your ship inventory, is more for the same amount of time, and less carpal tunnel from all the dragging =P

  4. Just a quick note : I did this exactly as you said, but i noticed i could still access "local" inventory from the station, just outside of armistice zone, but no ship/corpse was there. I did it again about 1.5km farther and couldnt access local, and it spawned the ship/corpse.

  5. So I'm a trucker and a little behind on what the heck is going on but does this mean that 317 is actually released and if so what is the update size because I'll have to research this all later and when I'm deciding whether to update over hotspot or not to play in the morning…

  6. In terms of aUEC per minute it truly isn't the fastest way to make money. In terms of aUEC per SCU to haul it's unbeatable. And here we speak of of making roughly 100-150k (without the hadanite jackpot) per flight in a starter ship.

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