All The Mods 6 Feed The Bees! Ep.71 HOW TO CRAFT MORGAN(Mahou Tsukai)

I’m back playing ATM6 modded Minecraft and it’s time to Feed The Bees!
I create a quick guide and tutorial for how to craft morgan sword and how to level up morgan sword, we then make a few mistakes and disaster strikes when we lag out to a million villagers!

Also a mana farm tutorial / guide for mahou tsukai!

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Minecraft Version: 1.16.5
ATM6 Version: 1.8.9
Texture Pack: None!
Shaders: Complementary Shaders

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20 thoughts on “All The Mods 6 Feed The Bees! Ep.71 HOW TO CRAFT MORGAN(Mahou Tsukai)”

  1. if someone came to me and told me that if i killed one of my dogs with THE CALIBURN and id be the Weilder of Clarent… id do it in a heart beat. no questions. not at all lame.

  2. "He stuck around the farm a bit and ran off"

    Sjin, he was sitting down. Waiting there for you, exactly where you put him. And when he finally saw you again he was so excited, his master and best friend was back. But it wasn't a happy reunion.

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