Closet Confessions: How To Pack For A Long Weekend | Fashion Haul | Trinny

Join Trinny, Jemima and Molly as they pack for Trinny’s trip to Venice. When it comes to a long weekend, smart packing is essential – it’s all about finding those key pieces that can be worn several different ways, so you have options for every eventuality without over-filling your suitcase. Plus, there are all the other essentials to think about, from underwear to chargers to sunglasses – and of course, choosing the right makeup to go with every outfit…

See inside Trinny Woodall’s impressive and expansive wardrobe with Closet Confessions. In each episode, Trinny deep-dives into a particular section of her wardrobe with the help of Lucy from the Trinny London team. Everything you wanted to know about styling, clothing, fashion and even how to organise your wardrobe can be found in this series. From coats to sequins, jewellery to vintage pieces, take some Trinny tips on your tour through Trinny’s (fifteen) wardrobes.

Suitcase: Rimowa
Green hold-all: Balenciaga
Cream coat: Zara
Jeans: Paige
Snake-print co-ord: Zimmermann
White T-shirt: COS
Silver cross-body bag: Bottega Veneta
White sunglasses: Prada
Silver coat: Osman
Yellow cardigan and skirt: Éric Bompard
Chunky white sandals: Prada
Silver skirt: Paco Rabonee
Tinsel top: Dries Van Noten
Sparkly loafers: Prada
Tinsel top: Dries Van Noten
White trainers: Russell & Bromley
Black top: Zara
Black jeans: Zara
Silver scarf: YSL
Silver belt: Prada
Black trousers: COS
White T-shirt with shoulder pads: Zara
Black tuxedo jacket: Zara Studio Collection
White paisley-print dress: Tory Burch
White broderie anglaise dress: Zara
White patterned dress: Tory Burch
White broderie anglaise top: Zara
Neon co-ord: Serena Bute
White vest: Chloé
White linen trousers: Joseph
White handbag: Prada
Hat: bought in Ronda, Spain
White wide-leg trousers with stripe: Serena Bute
Navy wide-leg trousers: Serena Bute

Lip2Cheek in Veebee
Lip Glow in Honor
Eye2Eye in Virtue
Eye2Eye in Empress
Eye2Eye in Mystery
Eye2Eye in Magician
Sheer Shimmer in Katie
Sheer Shimmer in Maiko
Sheer Shimmer in Weasie
Golden Glow in Gaia
Miracle Blur
BFF De-Stress
BFF Rebalance
BFF SPF 30 Cream
Lash2Brow in Chestnut
T-Top stackable mirror
Be Your Best Enzyme Balm Cleanser
T-Towel muslin cloth
Tiptoe In PHA Exfoliant
Overnight Sensation Retinal+ Serum
Lip Treat in Anna

Deodorant: Dr Hauschka
Perfume: Woody Fig by Samuel Gravan
Eyelash conditioning gel: Talika
Face brush: Foreo


35 thoughts on “Closet Confessions: How To Pack For A Long Weekend | Fashion Haul | Trinny”

  1. I love how Trinny tried on a few pieces in different ways to make sure that she was taking versatile pieces. I had to laugh when she started adding other pieces just because she had space. However, that 'hand luggage' was waaaaay oversized! It was the same size as the carry-on suitcase. Bravo if that got past the airline check-in crew. Enjoy your trip! Safe travels.

  2. Dear Trinny, take with you also a nice pair of pearl earrings and a pearl necklace.Venetians love women that wear pearls…they found it very classy. Furthermore, i would advise you to buy nice friulane from a shop under Rialto bridge which is called piede a terre. If you go there you will find nearby a shop called baule d'oriente. I am sure you will be excited to see and buy all kind of coloured jewellery made from Venetian beads. I was born in Venice, though i am Greek. I visit this wonderful city every year. Have a wonderful trip!!!

  3. Trinny, I saw you pack your Prada trainers and your white sandals, but no other shoes. Which ones are you wearing on the plane? 😍

  4. Suggestion: a travel bag (w/ detachable “hands free” strap) that zips closed so you never have to worry about things falling out…Happy travels. 👒

  5. 😱 OMG !! Trinny that yellow looks beautiful on you I love yellow is such a happy and Beautiful for summer . the grey skirt ! Wow yea I would wear that beautiful skirt in the day / night 👌👌👌
    Have a beautiful relax and enjoyable week end 💃🏻🙋‍♀️🍷

  6. I love watching you but you do know you are absolutely bonkers? 🧐
    You have packed way too much for a weekend 😂😂. And it’s going to be cold so you won’t be warm enough.But…I love that the girls just giggle and agree with you. Put the shoes in the case – where is your iPad? And you have no room for your purchases. Yes of course you will go shopping g 🤗 Have a lovely trip.

  7. I am doing this RIGHT now. Packing for a trip next week. But I still don't seem to look as chic as you. I think I am running into issues with handbags. And shoes. This is such a timely video. Thank you!

  8. Wow Trinny… this reminds me of my packing, or better say overpacking 😅. I didn’t see any hair tools, you don’t bring any on short trips?

  9. i like to travel with only a carryon, the more minimal the better. I know I will buy, definitely. I also notice I repeat wear, very often, and never end up wearing 1/4 of what I bring. I so enjoy these vids: fun girl time.

  10. 😁 Enjoy your holiday break! 🎉
    Am completely in awe over how much you packed in such petite🧳bags. Think you're prepared for all sorts (of weather & activities).
    💚 Bridget from Cali ☘️
    (using my pal's YT acct)

  11. Like the animal print top and pants. Lots of options with those. You do need a sweater! 16 is not that warm. Love the yellow outfit with the pleated skirt! Silver skirt is very glam! Don’t forget your underwear!

  12. What good timing
    Packing for a long weekend right now myself, hand luggage only.
    Shoes are always my bugbear.
    Edit…ok! I have 7kgs carry on, so there is no three coat moment! But this was helpful because I realised you're so right about the bigger purse.

  13. Fabulous packing video. I loved everything, especially that dress with the pictures on it. I’d love one of those. I’ll have to rewind the video to find out the make of it. Loved the sparkly shoes! PS: Have a great holiday. 👍🏽

  14. I like the concept of creating a capsule wardrobe for a holiday. I am going away for two weeks in July. This gives me lots of great ideas. Enjoy your long weekend in Venice and Italy!!

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