28 thoughts on “Cursed Cocktails of Critical Role | How to Drink”

  1. Welcome to the Nine Hells Critters, I'll be your bartender, what'll it be?
    Critical Role Cocktails Part 1: https://youtu.be/Yr1Bz1p8Od0
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  2. "That is real Absinthe, guys!" Was the funniest unintentional part of the sponsor. Though, to Marisha and co.s' credit, who has time to replace everything with non-alcoholic replacements? 🤣

  3. Yeah… If, and I mean if, I ever make the eldermancy, I am removing at least two shots of the Mezcal and three of absinthe so it doesn’t taste like pure lighter fluid. Among other things…

  4. I have a cursed drink that I came across a while ago called Dragin Cum. Its essentially just fireball and coffee creamer. The actual recipe can be found by googling it (I don't remember the ratio) but I think that'd be a good one to add to the cursed cocktails catalogue

  5. so at my dnd table we have a drink that in universe is just a hard liquor in and of itself called the Messanger Special. it smells like sharpie, tastes like death, and you always chase the shot but getting punched in the face by the bartender. if I were to make it in real life, I would mix Jager, rumplemint, everclear, and grapefruit juice

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