Elden Ring Faith Samurai Build Guide – How to Build a Blackflame Bushido (Level 150 Guide)

Elden Ring Faith Samurai Build Guide – How to Build a Blackflame Bushido (Level 150 Guide)
In this Elden Ring Build Guide I’ll be showing you my Black Flame Cross Naginata Build. This is an advanced build that takes place at level 150 and is the evolved version of both the Blazing Bushido and the Blackflame spell blade build. If you’ve been looking for a Faith Samurai Build then you might want to check this build-out.

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0:00 – Elden Ring Blackflame Bushido Guide
0:15 – How to make this build work
2:34 – Armor
3:02 – Talisman
5:05 – Blackflame Bushido Gameplay
7:42 – Blackflame Bushido Attributes
9:59 – Final Thoughts

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34 thoughts on “Elden Ring Faith Samurai Build Guide – How to Build a Blackflame Bushido (Level 150 Guide)”

  1. So funny I just was using a build that pretty much mimicked this exactly. Without phantom slash though.

    Now I'm using a similar build but focused on lightning damage. With a lightning nagakiba using sword dance and bolt of gransax for ranged, gravel stone seal for using lansseax's glaive and honed bolt

  2. FromSoftware needs to make a loadout system next patch. The ability to easily switch between these builds if you got the right stats would be soo much fun

  3. The Blazing Bushido build is one of my favorite Elden Ring builds, and this Endgame upgrade is amazing. Great vid with great art!

  4. Could you please do a build how to progress to the final build? What is import to get early, main status to lvl up in eayy/mid game when i can get this itens, etc

  5. I've been waiting for an end game godslayer theme for so long, I just copied this build but using the scythe as my main weapon instead. Keep the builds coming!

  6. That naginata is so great in this game. I know y'all uploaded the Blazing Bushido build that, stat-wise, is very similar to the Blood Dancer build but I would love to see your take on a more true progression of that Blood Dancer build. Sticking with the poleblade or some other weapon and leaning more into dragon and other incantations.

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