[GCRV] Lovely Princess react to Athy as Ruby//WMMAP-How to get my husband on my side//angst//zyraee


Claude, Jeanette,Ijekiel, Lily

• Lovely Princess is a novel in wmmap for someone who didn’t know about this
• Athy is already dead and getting reincarnated as Ruby Rudbeckia
• Claude Didn’t feel sorry for athy in this Reaction(in the beginning, he doesn’t love athy at all. And the worse, he’s kill her biological daughter. He’s the real villain here) and Jeanette’s personality is like the wmmap (i see a lot of Lp React and they make jeanette look like evil/mean. I make the Jeanette’s personality look more kindhearted bcs i feel that in fact she is just being used from people around her)
So, don’t claiming their personality in the comment
• This video have a lot of mistake but i cant remake this bcs my phone storage,sorryT_T

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  1. can you make them especially claude react to athy and diana in next life an au i mean from manhwa tht have a good mother and daughter relationship you can choose , let claude see diana with someone else and athy call happy with her new dad PLSSS

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