GOLF: The MOST IMPORTANT Skill In Golf | How To Consistently Square The Face To Path

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12 thoughts on “GOLF: The MOST IMPORTANT Skill In Golf | How To Consistently Square The Face To Path”

  1. I can close it or open but for some reason I struggle with swing path, so I go from pulls to fades, can’t seem to get the consistent draw I want

  2. I agree with D kel87 that this is one of your best videos. It was not until recently that I learned that each component (grip, wrist, arm rotation) could be controlled independently of the other components… as you said, adjusting the "volume" of each piece. After watching your video about the grip, I experimented by gradually using a stronger grip to ensure a closed clubface at impact. Using the stronger grip, I have now gradually reduced the amount of arm rotation. My swing feel is that the leading edge of my club is perpendicular to my swing plane. In other words, my backswing and follow through are on the SAME plane. This may not work for everyone. But as you mentioned, each of the 3 components may be dialed-up or dialed-down and golfers should experiment to find what works best for them. They should be cautious not to develop poor swing habits. Thank you again for a great video.

  3. This is one of the best videos coming out of your channel and on YouTube in general. There should be more freedom in the golf swing and less rigid thinking. Fool around, have fun, and figure out what works for you!

  4. You had me at the title. It is indeed the fundamental building block of the golf swing. You can do everything else perfectly, but if you don't have clubface control you have nothing. Great stuff here.

  5. I always feel like Eric's videos are like targeted ads I see on the internet. Was literally just obsessing about my face to path because my left spin was getting above 1000 RPM and I want to dial it to a smaller number more consistently. Going to work on this. I really loved rotating my arms but was always told not to do that. Maybe I will go back to doing it and doing less of the other stuff. Going to experiment with the volumes this week. Thank you very much for this Eric!

  6. At last…someone explains grip, wrist angles and forearm rotation accurately and in just the right amount of detail. Me? I try to have a neutral grip, close it in the takeaway and then I don't need to do much else except rotate the right amount. Great video!

  7. I find it so funny when people say "don't flip the hands". Look at the pro's follow through. All of them supinate hard after impact unless they fade heavily. Look at Tiger, especially lately.

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