How to AVOID the Legion's deadly stab 🔪 | Dead by Daylight

Legion just got an amazing buff and I don’t want it to be immediately reverted, that’s all! 😅 Big thanks to Niina and Dionie for helping me with the background footage.

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48 thoughts on “How to AVOID the Legion's deadly stab 🔪 | Dead by Daylight”

  1. Do not mess with the council of Legion mains by trying to counter us, Otz. We are four and one is on the juvenile detention center for vandalism.

  2. Now i want guide about how to not getting revealed on Ghostface, because new reveal mechanics feel like some bs on PTB for me, where survivor reveal me for literally by 360 camera.

  3. Spliting during FF makes the chain very difficult in every case. The power still is not the longest and their movement speed is not the fastest, so holding W in an opposite direction of another survivor is still the better thing to do!
    For the regular counterplay, Legion still struggles with strong loops, same as most of the roster, so is definitely not overpowered, it just feels a tad better to use. Definitely stronger, but not crazy strong.

  4. I mostly main Legion but haven't played for a few days.
    It would suck if by the time I play again he's already nerfed.
    So thanks for helping prevent that Otz!

  5. Splitting up is really a simple mechanic that is hard to understand don’t worry. People who wanted the wraith nerf probably agreed too lmao

  6. Legion may have needed a tweak but they went way overboard with this one, hope they pull it back a little bit and also add a couple more pallets to Shelterwoods 2/ nerfed Haddonfield

  7. Is it at all possible to avoid detection in frenzy in some way? It's likely because I am very inexperienced but I found my games against him just awful so far. For multiple matches in a row I would mend and get lucky to touch a gen before he was on his way back with frenzy. I found myself getting not so much frustrated as I was just extremely bored vs. legion, even in matches we would win.

  8. so basically, survivors can still make legions power as useless as i was before. killer powers that depend on the survivors playing badly are bad.

  9. Otz you're definitely the best content creator I know, we all can see the effort you put into making these videos, and I wanted you to know that I appreciate everything you do, thanks for the content!

    Saludos desde Chile 🇨🇱

  10. Side Note: Using Head On is very valuable when playing against legion as their killer instinct will still see you if you’re hiding in a locker and they begin their frenzy on another survivor. This should buy you enough time to charge the head on and bait the legion to open your locker when you’ll jump out and stun him, ending his frenzy 👍🏽

  11. Legion was my most fun killer I ever played to my most frustrating killer I ever played to right back to my most fun killer I ever played.

    I love these buffs! LEGION IS SO DAMN FUN

  12. I completely agree with this video except the part where you said the most remarkable buff is 4 hit chain while we all know it's the chase music

  13. Bro I want to tell you that with the new Legion I stomp on everyone. They are so nice to play after these buffs. I am very glad to say that now playing against legion and as feels that you are more deadly, or the killer is a way bigger threat
    Edit: I forgot to say that when I have the 4th and the big mobility I allways am something like: NOW YOU F*CKED UP

  14. As much as I would like to say this are useful tips, they're really not. Specially because every single Legion you'll go against is gonna be using the best addons they have, not to mention most of this tips would need you to be following the killer to bodyblock while injure.
    In most escenaries, you as a surv are in a really big disadvantage going against this new trend of Legion.

  15. Since most of these tipps actually require survivors using their brains and working together, I'm pretty sure BHVR will nerf that shit again.

  16. Most of my games with legion are like that
    The survivors somewhat always split up so I couldn't use my power reliably

    Also I found myself on Midwich which is not z good map for Legion

  17. That locker one is actually really smart. I never think to use lockers like that especially with randoms. These are really good tips especially for the newer players who might find the legion changes a bit oppressive

  18. Are you suggesting the DBD balancing team dosen't know what they are doing? Nonsense! As my chap lead game designer at BHVR said. "Freddy needs a nerf. I don't know why, but I just feel like he does".

  19. I've played Legion a handful of times post-change and I've really noticed that people tend to buckle under the pressure that Legion can put them under. Glad to see this video is out to avoid reverting the great changes

  20. I don't think they'd ever take this away. If they were to change something, it would be their movement speed buff on successful Frenzy hits given that one of their add-ons allows their power to reset back to full upon being stunned by a pallet. I think that's where a lot of conversation will be had. Julies Mixtape is the add-on in question here, a damn good add-on for being a yellow add-on. It completely prevents a power reset from eating a pallet, which I'm not particularly ok with.

    Generally when you eat a pallet stun, as a killer, you made a mistake. I find it a bit odd that they have an add-on that encourages you to do this.

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