How to Be LED By The Holy Spirit! // Every Christian Should Know

The Holy Spirit has a way of leading you to where you need to be. This video explores what it looks like to be led by God’s Spirit. For more, see the “Walking in The Spirit Movie” here:

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• This video includes clips from our Walking in The Spirit Movie. Footage credits are listed at the end of it.


23 thoughts on “How to Be LED By The Holy Spirit! // Every Christian Should Know”

  1. those who have fits of anger don’t inherit the kingdom of heaven. So if occasionally I lose my cool if I can’t get that under control before the rapture happens does that mean that I automatically I will lose my salvation at that point? It’s some thing that I have been praying about there’s some days where I can control it but then there’s days that it just happens?

  2. Thank you again. I am trying so hard. I have found Jesus. After being side lined with this world. But I know one day I will be walking with the Lord in the Kingdom of God. I am enjoying reading my bible again. Also hearing you gives me strength. I prayed about 2 years ago for the Lord to help me and the next day I found your channel and I cannot tell you how much you have helped me. I can read my bible and next day come here to your channel and you are talking about what I had been reading in my bible the day before. I cannot thank you enough for helping me understand so much more. Thank you and God Bless you and your family and all at Aoc network.

  3. Hello my Brotger I come to you saying what was laid on my heart. The devil is trying to block what I’m even trying to say at this moment Writing. The internet will not show you what you need to know at that Appointed time, THEY will Block it at that time when things will be available for us to understand the truth, from videos and anything the Devil can come with. But it takes the Saint’s who knows GOD, to to tell the people who the true KING is. It’s coming.

  4. Shalom! Thank you Lord Jesus for this and thank you @Jerren for allowing Jesus to work through you.
    Also a request, maybe in future if the Lord wills…that you do a video on forgiveness of sins by Jesus and its relationship to healings… That just by the Son of man excercising His authority on earth and forgiving sin ( Matt 9 ) people received healing… ( Sometimes leading people into confession and repentance allows The One who pours out the Spirit of life to do so and revive those chastened in beds.. Job 33:19-30 )…

    Would be interesting to do a healing and confession plus repentance video… [ – would really destroy the work of the adversary in the hearts and lives of the viewers – ] …

  5. The Holy spirit will guide you …will give you discernment of harming deceiving spirits …TRUST IN HIM THIRST FOR HIM ❤ SO VERY TRUE. God bless you and we love your teachings !!

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