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If you were trying to destroy the one ring of power but were hunted down by an entire orc army, what would you do?

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43 thoughts on “How To Beat SAURON In "THE LORD OF THE RINGS"”

  1. How did you do this? Not only was it a great episode but it was also released only three days after another episode while you usually post only once a week. Great stuff CS and keep up the good work

  2. i was just about to ask why you called Boromir Sean B until I realized that was the actor's name haha I loved the vid; you should definitely keep this series

  3. Oh this is AWESOME I would love for you to do some of the other battles. Nazgul attackin hobbits, shelob the spider, calvalry battle with the wargs, ect Thank you so much for making this.

  4. I have to disagree with most of heat you said In This video helms deep was built for a last stand it serves no purpose other than to retreat too in a dark hour , as the book states the wall was in bad repair due to ages of no use had it been in full repair it provrably would have been impossible for the orks to breach using the civilians as meatshuleukds defeats thr entire purpose io coming here in the 1st place since they wanted to protect Roman's people not just theoden building a outer wall while appealing could hurt you in the end if the enemy placed archers atop it after taking it any attempt to break a seige would result in catastrophic losses on your side. The fort itself goes back into the mountain humans are not dwarves we don't possess the strength or skill to build fortresses in the mountain so they built a keep onto it using it ss a funnel to funnel enemies towards it.. in the hobbit aren't eggs also like really good at dual wielding analysis weapons too? Now thr mainfortress was well designed Kas the walls couldn't be scaled easily due to the height off the solid ground a ladder near the gate for archers to quickly climb but made a effective choke point.the goal was archers would rain arrows eith the orks having a hard time getting through walls formed in tight corridors. But hey that's just my stance

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