How To Become ATTRACTIVE To Women & Find A Partner – Jordan Peterson Motivation

How To Become ATTRACTIVE To Women & Find A Partner – Jordan Peterson Motivation
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Speaker: Jordan Peterson



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43 thoughts on “How To Become ATTRACTIVE To Women & Find A Partner – Jordan Peterson Motivation”

  1. For 7 years I've been incarcerated in Pornography and I've had my self esteem into the absolute lowest. It's only now that I realize that I'm doing absolutely everything wrong and I acknowledge as such, I always self doubted about myself, I felt like I was a nobody to many, that people don't really care who I was or am for that matter.

    But after leaving the comfort of my own home and started a life elsewhere, I realized that I was way more than just being something. I realized that I've been keeping away my real self away for so long out of fear of getting mocked.

    Yet, in that moment I also realized that falling is part of life, it's God's way of teaching you to pick yourself up from the ground, learn from the mistake to become someone better.

    I've looked at my past self and told myself "I no longer wanna be this way, I want to become someone, I want to become someone for myself and for others. But most importantly work on myself to gain confidence, to gain trust, to pick myself up from the ground when no one else can, and if Others are willing to help, it just makes that experience even better". I'm slowly but surely learning to love myself again, and to show others who I truly am, for the person who I want to become and not the one who I was once.

    My life was turned upside down and sometimes I struggle to cope, but It gives me confidence, strength and joy knowing that not only am I doing this for myself but also doing it for those who love me, my family, my brothers and sisters of church back home and many others who have helped my pick myself up. I owe it to them, I owe it to them for helping me become a better me. And I'm willing to fight until my last breath to see myself in a better light than live in a surrounding darkness that once held me down for so long.

    I'd like to thanks everyone for listening to my shenanigans, but always remember. If you want to be loved by others, learn to love yourself first. Tell yourself that you're more than what others gospel about you. Because only you know what you want and I know and believe you'll achieve what's best for yourself, anyone who wishes to help you throughout the process should be welcomed because they see the worth you have and are willing to walk besides you through the end.

    Whether you believe in religion or not, I hope God gives you the courage, strength and wisdom to do what's right for you. After all his only desire in this world is to see us in absolute welfare.

  2. Wrong. They are not right not picking you, you are wrong messing with them. There is a huge difference. Choose a woman or a man that make you calm.

  3. I like alot of his but just using I WAS like you isn't enough for then using extremes
    It's lazy
    So many of them are often even the likes of him
    People do need to see what they do wrong yes, but to ignore the sexes and so much more is arrogance and ignorance and worst laziness

  4. I agree to an extent. With regards to woman absolutely but this is happening simultaneously to surviving amongst other men and think that’s a very under thought of view.

    I’m 5’4 white male and grew up in the city. Confidence as you see it is seen as “aggressive” or not allowed by someone that doesn’t hold a certain status in the neighborhood. That doesn’t change as we get older. I’m sure there’s a clinical diagnosis for how I feel at times in public. But it’s a reality I’ve had to face a few times in my 30 years so far. Some men live with a notion you need there permission to smile/ exist, especially when they have a physically advantage. Which in turn has turned me into a closet savage out of necessity. How’s this all work while tryna get laid lmao
    I have to give off a I’ll murder you if you try it vibe where’s the all female classes at I can let my guard down? Otherwise I’ll keep jerking off and enjoying life how I can. Am I gonna reproduce or get married prob not. Females are 1k a night I’ll be iight. Or I’ll meet a girl that understands. I will not die trying to get laid idgaf if that makes me weird and unfortunately that’s the reality of walking up to a female that’s not even someone’s girlfriend but just one they didn’t think you had the “right” to talk to. Lol we had a conversation… which is usually all it takes as an adult I’ve only had to lay it out for a mf.

  5. Fundamentally, I don’t think porn is wrong. Yet, I think it’s erroneous to partake/emphasize simulation in contrast to goals which we are thoroughly passionate and altruistic about. Development of adequate values and laborious exhaustion of those values is important for the typical young male.

  6. Everything Peterson just said was bullshit. You want to be successful with women? Be kind. Not nice, kind. Women love that shit. If you make an effort to treat everyone kindly, people will notice, and if they don't fuck them, they're not the kind of people you need around you. Peterson's fans are losers who want to blame everyone else for their failures. I've gotten laid a number of times just through being kind, it fucking works.

  7. So according to Mr. Peterson, there aren’t lots of women out there that are irrational, ignorant, and unfit for relationships. Also, according to Mr. Peterson, if you’re not having sex you’re undesirable. It couldn’t possibly be because you haven’t found a woman worth a damn, and you’d rather watch porn than have sex with random strangers who could give you STD’s and produce a kid. I mean what the actual fuck did I just watch?

  8. As a 39-year-old virgin, allow me to speak on this point.

    Jordan Peterson completely ignores the problem of bad genetics as contributor to sexual rejection. In fact, the entire theory of Darwinian sexual selection is founded on the fact that the genetic health of our offspring is entirely by our genetic health as parents, which is manifestly not under our control, and is probably the least thing under our control about ourselves as physical beings. To spin it back around at us, and put us at fault for our own genes, is 180 degrees ass-backwards.

    After you admit the dead-obvious fact that people with deformities in wheelchairs are not to blame for their rejection by others, you hit upon the question of whether sex is a need. No scientist ever investigates this and every pop song answers it with an affirmative "yes."

    Are you right and all the women wrong? (The man he's interviewing chuckles unintelligently.) *Maybe so*. History is replete with examples of great men — Copernicus, Galileo, Socrates, Einstein — who challenged the status quo and ended up in the right. They do not need conformists flicking dirt in their faces in the form of sleazy bandwagon appeals and ad populum arguments.

    Some advice to the world: stop bullying us. Like every oppressed minority, we will put you in your place.

  9. Hello! I really admire your content and how to combine clips. The only thing I want to mention is the name of your channel. At this point In my understanding of Jordan and other successful people are that they don't chase success. They tend to manifest and attract successful advents. Essentially if your always chasing you never truly earn what your chasing. Therefore I would like to say the name SUCCESS ATRACTORS would be much more agreeable for me. I hope this message reaches you with respect and grace.

  10. JP seems to be a bit off target here. We all know numerous women who regularly choose guys who are … not the cream of the crop, over guys who are much more like what he describes as attractive.

  11. Repent and accept Yeshua as your saviour today. He paid the price for the sins we’ve all committed, so that we could inherit an eternal life in a new world with no evil, no sadness, and no hatred. Deep down, we all loath for a life like that, where we can live a life everyday with joy, happiness and love. A world with no anxiety, no worry and pure innocence. I tell you this, It’s real, and it will be happening soon for this evil world is soon to perish. Give your debts to the one who died for you. Christ. He loves you and wants you in heaven when the time comes. It’s simple, ask for forgiveness of the wrongs you have committed, and acknowledge that the death Yeshua so painfully took upon that cross, was so that we would be FREE from the wages of the sin we live in. I love you and I really do pray that this message speaks to you.

  12. This isn't true. It assumes women make wise decisions in their partners, which is patently false. Yes, you should increase your attractiveness, but not because women are "right", just that they are simple.

  13. Okay.. Okay… Okay……
    Mr lefti communist Peterson boy….
    I'm disappointed in you just as much as I'm being disappointed in my surroundings all the time.
    Let me tell you something… There might be some of the people who are pretty much ducking hate to exist in this two faced, double standard, piss poor mockery of a well working society where one can call himself or herself out as the opposite gender. One can be promiscuous as much as they want without having to deal with the consequences of their foolish actions and others have their basic human rights taken away from them on the daily basis.
    I'm not even going to finish this nonsensical bolax you spet into the camera.
    Me as a completely healthy, sporty, cut, well mannered, intelligent individual…. I was unable to come across a women who was NOT a complete idiot boss prostitute who use others while wholeheartedly shame men OR an absolute lunatics who are so entitled they can't see themselves further than few weeks in their life.
    I have my ducking life planned already with a solid actual living part that doesn't involve other humans or stress whatsoever and it is doable for me in the next 1 – 2 years and I will never need to interact with anyone anymore.
    The problem is of course that I live in one of the biggest cities in the world and I'm constantly interacting with people and yes sometimes even with random people on the darn street despite the fact that I'm an introvert who forcing himself to try to function like a normal person not a quiet freak. On average I do interact with about 4000 – 5000 people in a week and I gotta say what is going on in the world nowadays is not just disappointing but infuriatingly disgusting and ducking despicable. This status quo make me feel like I should just go up to the very top of the highest building in town and jump, because I will never be able to fulfil my holy duty of reproduction for the sake of all human kind.
    Shame on all of you most of the 7+billion whom are the worthless, sick, sad mockery of human evolution……shame on you all.
    Non of you even deserve an actual spit into your faces….. I would feel sorry for my saliva.
    Shame….. Shame…. Shame…….

  14. If they fill you with dread, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, unhappiness and disheartened then what do you do except go home close the curtains and lie down for awhile. It's horrible the way society has gone.

  15. Poor naive Jordan. Porn is a solution to all those young sexless men and married men in sexless marriages. It becomes a problem because there are limited alternatives for them

  16. Just get a good workout, wise food rationing, kept hygiene like for a year and you will.
    The question is:
    Like few days ago I've seen "decent" woman going from hands to hands like tens of times, and her age is unsure. How not to be catched up on something like this, if it's literally doesn't depends from you?

  17. In my opinion you just have to find what's the cause for your lack of confidence. The answer is not as complicated as you might think. The real cause is lazyness.

  18. When you actually start to work on yourself and go to the gym 6 out of 7 days and women start to find you more unattractive. Instead they want skinny guys that smoke because they are "more chill". This at least applies to most of the girls I know. What irony.

    Well actually I am proud to be less attractive but a better version of my self. Hillarous.

  19. A brilliant interview .. Agreed with everything Messr Peterson has to say .. get your shit together guys before you search for a “gal” / mate ..

    I understand the concepts … to continue with topics mentioned .. the instant gratification of porn does not work and moves you further from the path ..

    Look inside ..

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