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    ⬇️ Keep your Bulk MODEST ⬇️
    These are some tricks to help you maintain a calorie surplus – when “bulking” or “massing” the goal is to be eating more calories every day than you are burning. This ensures that your body has all of the energy it needs in order to lay down as much new lean muscle tissue as it can

    I always recommend keeping the surplus sensible. Not too drastic. Something like 100-250 calories over what you burn every day is plenty 👌🏼 if you ate a TON over your daily calorie requirement (let’s say it was crazy like 1000 calories over) yes, you’d have all the energy you’d need to build muscle as fast as possible, but you’d add fat at far too drastic of a rate.

    You would literally get too fat too quickly, and your bulking phase would possibly need to be ended prematurely. That’s why it’s best to keep the bulking calorie surplus very modest. Make it your goal to gain weight VERY slowly. That way, your body will be in a fed state, with all of the calories it needs to build muscle maximally, for as long as possible before you need to cut down to get leaner.

    These are merely tips to help individuals who have a tough time consistently eating adequate calories in order to maintain a calorie surplus!

  2. Lean bulking is amazing when done right. You get to eat more, lift more weight more often and get stronger. Been on a lean bulk for a good 3 weeks and I’m already seeing great results. Amazing tips 💪🏽

  3. This is a great example of a YouTube who doesn’t know what he’s talking about . Eat faster? Eating slowly and throughly improves digestion . You eat fast and barely chew your food you’re going to crash from giving your digestive system the job you were supposed to do which was chew your food thoroughly and drown it in saliva for the digestive enzymes. Just because you get this or that amount in your belly doesn’t mean you properly digest it.

  4. You know what.. he ain't bullsh*tting, unless you want a cut physique then cut all of this out but to bulk up you must eat, so eat good and whatever you want, just not fast food or junk crap and you'll be fine.

  5. I used to have trouble gaining weight and complained that it was hard to eat a lot. I just started realizing there were times when I wasn’t full at all and that I could’ve been using that time to eat and it helped me gain a lot.

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