How to Call Customer Support in English

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40 thoughts on “How to Call Customer Support in English”

  1. Thank you so much Teach Vanessa for this wonderful video lesson !!!
    I personally don’t like to call Customer Support for 3 reasons :
    1) I can’t predict who I will come across. Some people are less educated than others. Instead of making me happy by troubleshooting my problem, they can increase my anxiety by showing some disrespect.
    2) some people are naturally impatient and feel uncomfortable with demanding customers. I don’t like to get attitude from someone I give my money.
    3) Most of the customer support representatives speak really fast. English is my third language and I’m still learning how to speak it properly. Some people get mad when they can’t be understood by their listeners.
    However, having a chat over the phone with anybody can help to extend the vocabulary and get used to the way native speakers speak.

  2. Yo, im sam from Co, USA and this video literally just gave me a ton of confidence fr. Like basically im a lowkey introvert person lmao 😂 and i just freak out whenever I happen to call customer services. Vanessa if you see this comment by any chance i just wanna say that ur amazing and u got a new sub 💙!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Venessa this is very interesting lesson. Did the scanner problem get resolved? I am working in IT sometimes I have to call help desk at that time I am so nervous. But next time I will face the call little bit confidently than before with the help of your lesson. Thank you so much for your wonderful lesson. Keep posting videos. It is very useful.

  4. Hi Venasa, thank you so much for amazing English topics. Few days ago I called car insurance to report a new claim but the guy on the line was mumbling and I hardly could understand him. I was keep asking those questions I could not understand but he did pretend he can't hear me and he cut off my call. That's frustrating. Actually I'm front desk in a big bakery. Every body can understand me and I understand others.

  5. Yes, sometimes it's essential to call customers service, i sometimes call to my internet connection customers service, maybe once a year, highly appreciate for your new fantastic lesson 🙏❤

  6. What's up Vanessa. I don't know the other meaning of party and now I can use it for find a specific point or group. Is useful do double check for give them information.
    It was a interesting and agreeable class, specially I liked when you call a customer support. I'd like second part. We should always read the technician labels.
    Take care.
    P.D you look great

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