HOW TO: COOL TONED SPRING MAKEUP TUTORIAL – Hacks, Tips & Tricks for Beginners | Brianna Fox

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Mac Soft & Gentle
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Benefit brow pencil
Mac Painterly Paint Pot
Artist couture Supreme Bronze palette
Makeup For Ever Ebony eyeliner
Individual lashes
Pat McGrath contour lip pencil
Sharpeners (the Pat McGrath lip liner also comes with a pencil sharpener btw. the one I currently use is no longer sold but these are all nice ones)
Patrick Ta Oh She’s Single lipstick

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External Recorder-
The cord to connect recorder to mic-
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38 thoughts on “HOW TO: COOL TONED SPRING MAKEUP TUTORIAL – Hacks, Tips & Tricks for Beginners | Brianna Fox”

  1. Yesss, that trial is bananas!! What the ever loving hell is she doodling over there on the paper?!? I truly hope she gets what’s coming to her for lying and dragging his name through the mud!
    Love you girl!💕

  2. Do you use setting sprays? I feel like I have come to notice you don’t use them much in your makeup videos. If you do, which do you like? 🙂 this is a pretty look!

  3. Ok question! I have that same eye primer, painterly. & others that I’ve heard good things about too. But every time I see most people set with powder! & I don’t get it! If you’re setting with a powder or skin tone shadow how much does it really matter what’s underneath??? As long as you have something. Someone please answer my question.. I get you get a better blend but I guess I then don’t see the point of having a good gripping base if you’re just going to set it. I’m just genuinely curious what answers I’ll get, if any. 😎😜🤞🏼I would love to have more knowledge on why or why not to set the eye primer. Thanks!

  4. Yes 🙌🏼 JohnnyDepp!! Although, he’s been a smart ass on the stand and the judge let him do it and ramble on and on!! Hey, I like a smart ass!
    👏🏼👏🏼 glad you are coming back steadily you give great tutorials and you change from cool to warm shades 🤗💖
    -I have TikTok but haven’t been on it in a couple of months..too much crude just to get to something that’s clean. Ya know?

  5. Did you find out why they cancelled your order? I had that happen to me before during the sale and I posted on the community page and someone reached and applied a credit to my account for the discount. I would reach out with the chat option or something. I just started a chat to tell them that one of the sunscreens was expired in the sun safety kit I just bought and they refunded me for the entire kit.

  6. I just bought 3 makeup geek mascaras they still have some. Thank you for the recommendation. I like it a lot- but I know I can’t get too attached:(

  7. Ive been playing it all day in my ear pods while I get crap done. I am going to be heartbroken if a. She wins or b. She still gets aquaman 2. Hes not perfect….but she is a psycho evil woman. And I dont believe for a second he put his hands on her. Did you see the Milani statement🙄

  8. Great eyeshadow look, am def gonna try this. Also Benefit do a fab make-up pencil sharpener, it has a small size cutter for lip-liners/eye-liners, a larger one with an insert that fits larger pencils and the new large eye-shadow pencils (you can take the insert out to fit the larger pencils) and it comes with a little cleaning 'stick' for picking out shavings/left-over shades. It is really great and it doesn't damage the pencils!!! And it is pink which I LOVE!!!

  9. Love this look! I need a light summer makeup look, I feel like summer sucks for makeup, I live in Florida and the heat and humidity ruins my makeup but I can’t go without, Help!!!!

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