35 thoughts on “HOW TO: Create a 2000s movie aesthetic using the VITA app #VITA #shorts #2000s #tutorial”

  1. Bro she bought stuff and reorganized & redesigned her whole room just to make a video…
    Damn if that’s not dedication idk what is…
    Also earlyyyy-ish 💕💕 luv ur vids btwww

  2. Her: gets a bunch of accessories and finds a good filter and edits all these clips and makes a fantastic video

    Me: puts the pile of clothes in a different place and films a short on the YouTube app 😀

    Ur videos are so good 😁

  3. She really did a hard work in this video, I mean, not everyone would buy stuff just to do a 15 seconds video scenery. You really did a good job and we can see the effort that she put in the video. She deserve more than likes. Good job, continue like this.

    ( I’m from Brazil 🇧🇷

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