How to Cut Lemons for Juicing (5 Methods Tested)

Learn the best way to cut and prepare lemons for juicing. This video shows 5 different popular methods tested and the winner. 

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3 thoughts on “How to Cut Lemons for Juicing (5 Methods Tested)”

  1. Hum… Why not simply roll it hardly on the countertop, then cutting it in half, use a fork to stab each half to break the internal structure, and then squeeze the lemon with the fork still in it ?
    It's buy far super easy, quick, clean, and you get to extract every single drop of juice… Try it out.

  2. I really would not have guessed that slicing them in 3s would have been the best method, but it makes sense. That said, if you're worried about food waste, totally zest them before you juice them! Lemon zest is awesome and sooooo useful.

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