How to Design a SICK Dashboard UI in Figma 👈 Learn UI/UX Today. Use “UI2022” for 22% Off!
— Today, I’m going to fulfill a long-awaited request from many of you, and that’s how to design a dashboard from scratch in Figma. If you’re interested in seeing how to really make it responsive and interactive, check out, as it will be available in the curriculum within a week of uploading this video!

Project file:
(Download this, save to a folder, drag it on top of the main home dashboard within the Figma app to open it)

0:00 – Introduction
1:16 – Getting Started
2:58 – Light vs Dark Considerations
5:04 – Navigations
16:00 – Card Designs
31:37 – Chart Design
34:20 – Final Thoughts

Let’s get started!

#dashboard #ui #figma

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19 thoughts on “How to Design a SICK Dashboard UI in Figma”

  1. Maybe a better practice for subtle colored backgrounds and shadows to be consistent with the color accents is to make shadows and backgrounds of that color, but use opacity to make them subtle instead of a different shade of color. This way you can change the whole color theme in just one action in the "Selection colors" panel.

  2. This video came on the right time as i have to make a dashboard for a client & was struggling with it as its my first time creating a dashboard for a client. Thanks for making this video 😊

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