How to get the most out of a Royal Genie

Royal Caribbean’s Star Class rooms come with the Royal Genie, but getting everything you can from the experience is not always so obvious. Here’s my advice for anyone who might try Star Class in the future.

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23 thoughts on “How to get the most out of a Royal Genie”

  1. Thanks for the information Matt. We will be trying Royal Caribbean for the first time May 14 on Symphony in a 2 bdrm ATS. I am also very much a planner so this trip should be a challenge for me. (In a good way 😊)looking forward to the genie experience!!

  2. Love Coastal Kitchen, but I agree — we have had our best meals in the specialty dining venues, and the atmosphere is more intimate too. Oh, and having a genie is great!

  3. Great video!!! We have a 2bdr Aquatheater suite booked for next year. Since Star class gets the internet package; does that include the surf and stream or just surf? And if it’s just surf I wonder if we could pay the difference for surf and stream? Can’t wait to go!!!

  4. Hi! Just a question (not about genie), if I get an aqua theatre suite, does it come with free wifi? I looked on RC’s official website and asked but they never got back to me. Could you please answer? Thanks ♥️♥️♥️

  5. The male Genie in your video is Reyno Varkevisor from Cape Town, South Africa. He has been a personal friend for many years. Reyno and my late wife were the best of friends and emailed everyday. We have stayed several times in the Loft Suites and enjoyed the stay, perks and Genie. As our Genie told us if you want something ask for it because chances are we can do it. A very informative video.

  6. Thank you Matt!! We are embarking on our first Royal Caribbean cruise 7/23/22 on the Allure of the Seas as Star class. We are so excited about the Royal Genie services we will receive! I loved the video, we definitely want to have the Royal experience..

  7. First cruise ever for me and my daughter booked for April 2023, star class on the Odyssey. A once in a lifetime splurge, it is not normally in our budget. Really looking forward to it! I wish I could fast forward time a year and then press the pause button once we are there!

  8. It sounds amazing, thank you for the advice. Does the gratuity package include the genie, I'd imagine so, but I'm sure for all their services, they'd expect more? Coming from the UK, we always find tipping a difficult one. Mx

  9. I've been working hard paying extra to get our house paid off early, within the next 12 months, which will be several years early. Our 30th anniversary was last year so I splurged and got us a Sky Class suite, which was great. Once I get the house paid, the reward is going to be a Star Class Suite, so I'm hoping sometime next year. It will be hard to get used to, I'm not sure what I will ask for.

  10. A lot of good information there. We have an aquatheater suite next year and will be trying out the genie for the first time. I think the hardest part for me will be letting them do all the planning as that is usually my department. But I'm really looking forward at giving it a try.

  11. Great video Matt. My wife and I are diamond plus members and very experienced cruisers. We have always traveled Sea and Sky Class. We have six cruises booked through 2024 and five of them are Star Class. I'm used to doing everything myself so I've been thinking about how best to use the Genie. I'm sure it will be an adjustment as it was for you but I'll take stock in your "ask for everything" suggestion and try and let go and learn on the fly. Thank you also for the guidance on tipping for the Genie. I haven't been able to get a good answer about that and your info was as good as I think as anyone can get. I'm very excited about the whole Star Class experience with the rooms and new perks!

  12. Great information. We would love to do this on a future cruise. All the perks make it more reasonable than the initial cost might indicate. Perhaps on a cruise that has a bunch of sea days…

  13. when We Retired C- HIT and have been Land Lock 1 1/2 Years …We
    started Thansgiving on The Lady and have been on 3 Cruises to date ..
    Thinking hard on these Suits on Royal But We think it would be a LOST
    on Us as not being in the CABIN much …Maybe just an upgrade or 2
    from a Balcony would be better for Us ….

  14. Hey Matt this video came at the perfect time as I literally just had a question about this today we just recently came back from a two-week back to back on Odyssey of the seas had the most incredible genie that we used in the best way possible and got the most out of the question is really again around the tip what would you suggest as a possible average for two people for 14 nights just to get an idea and gauge if we were in the right zone

  15. Matt, we have stayed in Star class in August 2021 on our Family Cruise and we had 3 2bed Aqua Class rooms and 20 people in our party. Romina on the Allure was great. She was actually too good. She had afternoon snacks delivered everyday for us and set us up with everything. I am like you and slight control freak. I was tough to let her set everything up for us. The best part was getting all the front row for shows. We also had her cut the lines on formal night for photos. It was great for 20 people get photos done in 30 min. Hope this helps other people with a couple more things we got out of our genie.

  16. My first ever cruise with my wife coming up this Saturday! Symphony of the seas!! Star class sounds amazing def super expensive but hey!! Maybe one day! Thanks for the video !

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