How To Get The Right Ignition Switch For Your Lawn Tractor & Avoid Costly Damage!

How To Get The Right Ignition Switch For Your Lawn Tractor & Avoid Costly Damage!
In this video I show you how to get the proper ignition switch for your riding mower even if you cannot find a part number and how this can avoid causing major damage to your machine!
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31 thoughts on “How To Get The Right Ignition Switch For Your Lawn Tractor & Avoid Costly Damage!”

  1. Very enlightening, thanks
    Found a similar problem with matching up those small square relay switches for auxiliary lights on machines, they have the starts sticking out in the same pattern but they have different functions, also like your video where you put a rectifier on a snow blower for a LED light bar, the starts or pins on the one I bought weren't identified.
    Thanks again

  2. Awesome video! Thank You So Very Much for making this video and for all of the Awesome information in it!! this Realy explains how i once melted all of the wires on a ride on mower that was given to me without a key switch. i shared this video on my facebook wall and with everyone that i know. 🙂 🙂

  3. Mention of an improper switch blowing fuses reminds me of the issue I had with my 1999-vintage Yard-Man garden tractor. Two replacement switches would not fix a no-start problem; I finally realized they were blowing the ignition fuse. But the original switch was, too. There were no issues with shorts anywhere in the system. I finally violated the never use a bigger fuse rule by going up one small increment in fuse size and the problem was permanently cured. That was three years ago, and I use the machine every day. I wouldn’t recommend that with an automobile, but it sure worked with my old tractor.

  4. Good video. For me after seeing this, I'm going to buy new correct switch. Cheaper than replacing more expensive pieces of the engine, ex. coil, PTO clutch if wrong switch. Good advice!

  5. Great video, I also like the video style change. Funny things switches can do.
    Just last week spent a lot of time troubleshooting a Husqvarna tractor not charging the battery. In the end it was the ignition switch! Go figure. Take care.

  6. This is very critical if you are working on a 70's tractor with a Tecumseh that has the solid state ignition (Sears suburbans was a big user of these). If you get the wrong switch and accidentally hook 12+ voltage to the kill wire…'ve fried the ignition module, a module that is no longer made.

  7. Good video. If your old switch has the letters marked on the tabs, could you use a DVM or continuity checker to figure out if your new (unmarked) switch matches? Put another way, what functions do the letters represent? Maybe a follow-up video?

  8. Good Morning DB73, at one point I thought you were going to break out the multimeter. Guess that's a lot more work. Thanks fer what you do here. Have a good day, stay safe.🙏 👋😎👍

  9. great tips , as always . thanks db . 30 minute drive to a parts store for me + i'm cheap . i have taken them apart , cleaned contacts , and reassembled them . works about 75% of the time , provided rivets don't appear to have been overheated .

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