How to Keep Senile Geezers and Mental Defects from Buying Guns!?!

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27 thoughts on “How to Keep Senile Geezers and Mental Defects from Buying Guns!?!”

  1. that at the end is exactly why they want to do it that way!! once they get those through they can just keep lowering the threshold til they get their ultimate goal total disarmament!!!

  2. More of your non-stop whining. Yet again, people who are dead drink should not decide for themselves not to drive. It is NOT up to YOU to decide the risks society as a whole should take and whether or not there is a problem with mentally disturbed people having free access to firearms. It is laughable that a narrow-minded, obsessed hypocrite like you thinks you can decide what is a problem and who should accept what risks. Keep pandering, shill.

  3. The single most effective policy choice to prevent mass shootings would be to treat domestic violence as a serious crime. Mass shooters consistently have a history of abusing a domestic partner or a girlfriend prior to taking their violence on the road.

  4. Its funny how we get so focused on crazy people getting guns, when its far easier to hit someone with your car and kill them, then it is to operate , aim and hit a target with a gun. What about knives baseball bats hammers explosives, the worlds not a safe place Guns didnt cause that.

  5. As someone who is high functioning autistic I fully agree with Yankee. I also still disagree with him on violent felons owning guns. I'm also even in favor of people with down syndrome owning guns.

  6. preventative crime laws just dont work. using a gun in a crime is already illegal. if you make more laws to stop people from having access so they then wont commit the crime with a gun, they'll just ignore it. a criminal who wants to use a gun in a crime doesnt care if they get their gun legally to do it. they've already committed breaking the law, if they want to do it with a gun thats just one more to break.

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  8. Big thanks to the YM! This topic came up recently in my own family. My sister has two in laws with down syndrome. She asked me if they should be allowed to have guns. I told her that was a good question that would require some thought. In the end, I concluded the same as you. That no, they shouldn't. But only because they legally can not be responsible for themselves and require caretakers. But this is an extreme example that again should only impact a very small minority.

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