How to Kickflip like Kader Sylla!

How to Kickflip like Kader Sylla really comes down to his foot position and flick. In this video I explain how to kickflip like kader sylla. Kader Sylla sets his back foot closer to the bolts for his kickflip. Kader Sylla also puts his front foot more pointed on his kickflips. Kader Sylla then leads the kickflip flick with his knees. Learning how to kickflip like Kader Sylla did actually help my kickflips specifically.


28 thoughts on “How to Kickflip like Kader Sylla!”

  1. You’ve skated for some time and obviously can kick flip with some consistency. I’d would enjoy to see you trying to pop higher kickflips in a video. Maybe analyzing someone with high kickflips and breaking it down. But a good tip is delaying the flip a split second and letting the board travel a bit more vertical when popping before flicking. Best of luck!

  2. The other thing I noticed is if I put a lot of weight on the front foot it really pushes the nose down when you kickflip. I've been doing the pointy toe thing for a while as I found it worked and gradually put more of it on the board so I have more control. The back foot placement is something I want to try though. Also upon popping I almost do a small jump back and this aids in flicking and catching with the back foot. Because Ive noticed if I don't hang back a little I'm not ready for the tail to come back up that fast. When you pop a nice one like that the tail really comes up and smacks your back foot. Best feeling in the world. Then again I've been working on perfecting my kickflip and haven't landed tres in my mid 20s lol. Hope this helps and adds to the technique!

  3. great breakdown! It looks like you should practice jumping higher. You don't get off the ground much. Bend down more, launch your body into the air, then suck your knees in ( do some crunches if you are not strong enough) . If you don't get your body out of the way, your board will not come up. Otherwise it was impressive.

  4. your vid’s are always sick man, one thing i’ve realized from all your trick tips tho is that the key to really replicating these styles is the jump, you’ve got the technique down pack, but it almost seems stiff overall, just jump higher and suck those knees up to your chest and you’ll feel the difference in the control of the trick. just something to try, dope video as always man keep it up!

  5. I’ll definitely try it this way on the next skate sesh. I tend to have my front foot in that position since I kick hard, but if I can find a way to delay my flick to get them higher, I can take them up stuff again. Great video format as always.

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