How To Learn Anything, Anywhere – Elon Musk

How Elon Musk was able to accomplish so many things. Because Elon Musk has special methods, that’s how he learned rocket science. That’s how he learned anything he wanted. This is a very educational video, so don’t miss it.


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47 thoughts on “How To Learn Anything, Anywhere – Elon Musk”

  1. Each and every person has a different brain and those with the highest brain functionality are able to succeed to higher levels. Elon Musk is one of those higher brain functioning individuals. Genetics plays a key role ( in most cases ).

  2. I wont take advice on someone that supposedly is a genius yet wants wires in his brain a true genius would know how to unlock more of it through central nervous system training changes.

  3. George Washington Carver is the smartest scientist from the 21st century. Many of Elon Musks' ideas replicate GW Carver's inventions and scientific approach. Elon should give credit where it's due. I read the encyclopedia too but I'm not sure if that's what ppl should be impressed about. Elon is a champion and master thinker with a few mental ailments that might have caused a bit of narcissism and overthinking. I understand too well. I hope and pray he achieves everything his mind is taking him but also he should learn to relax for a day or two out of the week to preserve his health.

  4. 🏴🤚🇧🇷 S.O.S. Take care… Elon Musk will now support fascist governments that use fake news and robots to stay in power.

  5. 🏴🤚🇧🇷 S.O.S. Take care… Elon Musk will now support fascist governments that use fake news and robots to stay in power.

  6. Pay attention to Elon Musk democrats: Then read the Constitution. If you can read that is. If not and you can't understand this… I guess my point is moot.

  7. The saying goes “ A jack of all trades is a master of none- but still always better than a master of one” so arguably Elon is a good example, rather than proving it wrong

  8. Well that explains many things. For example after watching the videos of Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger you under stand why they are successful. Here again the desire to succeed and apparently the accusation of knowledge a proven method for successful outcome

  9. Memorizing everything you read is not necessary and probably not good for your sanity. As you read you need to think of the usefulness of the information and selectively remember what you decide would be useful. The answers to why and how are probably the most useful things to know. The information in charts is not the stuff you should memorize it is easily found and look upable. It is important to remember where important information can be found.

  10. Elon I look at you like John Conner looked at the Terminator when he ordered the Terminator to obey.
    You don't understand yet Elon, I need you to get a real messianic education from Michael Rood.
    OR contact Attorney Mark Russell Ensign of Amarillo for specific details of what it means to be messianic.
    I know you'll do it. I know you will succeed. I know you won't take orders and so it is a request. You have the ability to learn faster than I did.

  11. It's not neuralink.
    He's got an earbud with handlers on the other end telling him what to "remember."
    Any con artist that rich is working with other racketeers.

  12. When you like something, you are more inclined to learn it very well, I didn't like mathematics at all until I started seeing formulas, astrophysics formulas and my tutor taught me to calculate formulas in my mind after a while it was like the Matrix when it came to math

  13. The only thing you should learn from colleges mathematics Reading Writing and comprehension, everything else did teaching is well then not that smart anymore, are teaching ideology, dependency on the government, critical race Theory, and God knows what else whatever they're teaching the kids in college they don't even have the common sense to be able to listen a college lecture without banging on the walls yelling to interrupt it they don't want to hear anything you have to say, and we have to stop this form of indoctrination in our universities, they will destroy us all, and it doesn't help when these environmental groups of telling students that the entire world's going to explode in 10 years

  14. Reading is very important however, if a person (like me) is unable to retain that information what is the point. Here is one example. I studied Hitler and WWll learned of mechanized warfare, maps, strategies, learned about his generals especially Joseph Goebbels (his propaganda minister, Dr. Theodor Morell, Hitler's abuse of mutable drugs and so on. Today, the majority of all I studied is gone. It is very frustrating. Done this with many, may topics over the fifty plus years I have been reading as an adult, just can-not retain the majority of it. In the end, it takes a very special mind to learn and retain information.

  15. No Elon Musk doesn’t have his own way of learning. He didn’t teach himself physics. He was taught physics by his professors at the university of Pennsylvania. If you really believe that Musk is an aerospace engineer, just because he read a few books about rockets, you are extremely gullible. Musk is not an aerospace engineer, he pretends to be. SpaceX rockets were created by SpaceX engineers, not by Musk. Same goes for Tesla cars

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