How To LEGALLY Title Any Classic Car, Truck Or Motorcycle Using The Vermont Loophole

Buying a vintage vehicle without a title can lead to a quagmire of red tape and legal runaround, or you can dig deep and hire a title service to handle the transaction.
And then there is the “Vermont Loophole” method, which is fully endorsed by the state of Vermont, and simple enough that anyone can use.
Here we lay out the step by step process including how to exactly fill out each form in order to obtain official ownership papers in your name, with a minimal outlay of cash and time.
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31 thoughts on “How To LEGALLY Title Any Classic Car, Truck Or Motorcycle Using The Vermont Loophole”


    It must be sent via snail mail to 120 State Street, Montpelier, Vermont 05603

    Fill out check/money order with exact taxes and registration fees totaled, payable to Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles.

    VD-119 Form
    VT Odometer Disclosure Form/Bill of Sale
    VIN Verification Form(Especially for Motorcycles)
    NADA(or equivalent) value printout
    Check for taxes and fees
    Bonus: throw in a picture of the VIN. It’s not necessary, but I did.

    Good luck!

  2. Tony, I have successfully acquired a title in Tennessee with only a bill of sale and pictures of the car and vin tag. There is a requirement for the age and value of the vehicle but I don't remember the specifics. The Clerk of Courts here in Lafayette, TN was very helpful. You can probably find the form you need online. I only live about an hour from you.

  3. Don't assume because it is an old car that it is not stolen. They didn't stress enough you need to take the VIN to the police to check to see if it is stolen before you pay for the car if it has no title. Don't take the owners word for it.

  4. You just do a numbers check to see if it's not stolen and then do a claim for an abandoned vehicle and it costed me $10.65 and I had to wait 30 days and then another 30 days so that's how it's done folks💪🇺🇸🗽💥🔧

  5. That's how I registered my 71 Bronco. Unfortunately the NADA bb value was 14k and I only paid 500 for the truck. Sales tax would have been 6.5 percent in Mass so it actually saved me money. It does work though.

  6. Thanks Uncle Tony and guys. No I have deal with the nightmare of Oklahoma title system and 5 dollars a day late fees. Now I can finally get a clean title for my 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix LE.

  7. Vermont won't issue a title, BUT you can use the Vermont registration and do a out of state transfer and have your home state then issue a title. Being a new englander this is well known and used. Just like maine will register any trailer to anyone out of state.

  8. I was looking at a 69 c10 without a title and doing this Vermont deal when I looked up hi book value and it was like $90,000 , then I was of the understanding that I would have to pay the 6% tax on $90,000, or is it the original MSRP? So then are you out paying 5,000 for the title

  9. I've gotten many titles before by simply getting a bill of sale and a sheet printed off with the last registered owner's info. Here in Oklahoma, it costs $1 to get everything you need to do it this way. Just get all of the signatures, get it notarized, and bring it to your local tag agency.

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