HOW TO MAKE 2022 YOUR BEST YEAR YET! vision boards, goal setting, new habits, & journaling

HOW TO MAKE 2022 YOUR BEST YEAR YET! vision boards, goal setting, new habits, & deep cleaning! i hope you enjoy this video of me getting my life together for 2022 in an “ultimate guide” format! i really loved the way this vide turned out:)

how to make 2021 your best year yet:

my vision board:

notion tutorials:

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0:00 – recap on 2021, being on a motivation high VS feeling burnt out.
4:20 – goal setting / going over my own goals
8:18 – vision boards / how to make them
9:48 – journaling / how I journal / new year prompts
11:58 – running errands (buying what i need to set me up for success)
13:37 – deep cleaning (my room & car)
14:43 – planner / agenda (MY NOTION TOUR)
16:15 – digital clean out
18:01 – mini glow up / self care

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☆height: 5’6
☆location: Vancouver, Canada
☆camera: Canon g7x Mark llI
☆editing software: final cut pro x

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42 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE 2022 YOUR BEST YEAR YET! vision boards, goal setting, new habits, & journaling”

  1. I had these freaky goals last year like: get taller which I can’t really help but really weirdly I grew 🫣 anyway I learned from this video to set realistic goals thx ILYSM!!!

  2. Watching this as we go into April because I had such a messy start to the year! Thank you so much for giving me the inspiration to finally get my life back on track! 💕

  3. i started watching your videos almost a year ago and i see how you have grown and it is fantastic because your videos are so comforting and inspire many people <33

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  6. This is literally so motivating for me.Fernanda when I started watching your videos I noticed that I have huge amount of motivation. You are my superhero that gives me power and energy everyday.I start to see the progress and I’m really thankful.ILY❤️THANK U for being our SUPERHERO.I would call you MotivateGirl or MOTIVATE HERO

  7. I feel like we all have tried to keep up with journaling for one day and gave up😭😹but this year, I'm going to keep up with it for real🙏🏼✨great video!! The vision board is a great idea and I was just so overwhelmed with the vision board on paper since I don't have money but now we have phones so I'll used that instead. :)) I've been reflecting so much n I'm ready to go all in!! Go all in and don't ever look back unless you need to relax in the moment and seeing how far you're succeeding in life.🥰🥰❤️💯I believe in you guys!!! 🤩🤩🤩

  8. well i will say my mental health is through the roof and i did not know why now i know i stay up till 1,2,or 3 and get up at 11 i dont have any routine organization or anything this is gonna help so much so thanks<3

  9. i’m so glad your gaining subscribers!! in this vid you say you have like 638k and now you have 711k🤭 manifesting at its finest (and obvi you just deserve subs)

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