How to Make a Proper "Zero" Turn | American Pride Power Equipment – Ryan Dodson, Owner of American Pride Power Equipment in Zanesville, Ohio, demonstrates how to make a proper “zero” turn without tearing up your yard using an Exmark Lazer Z with a 60″ deck. Using a simple 3 point turn process you will be able to perform a true “zero” turn.


10 thoughts on “How to Make a Proper "Zero" Turn | American Pride Power Equipment”

  1. HELP!! I have a cub cadet and just when I'm mowing straight one of my front wheels will come up (like free wheel) and when it lands it makes marks in the yard!! How do I correct this?? I've tried going slow but I have to basically creep to do that and that's not efficient!! Any suggestions????!!! Thank you!!

  2. This is more information than the salesman gave me. Also nearly destroyed me and the mower twice because I had no ideal that it couldn't be stopped on a hill, and no the grass wasn't wet, even told 2 salesman when looking at them that most of my yard was a hill. Kinda gives you a sick feeling after spending over 6k. I can actually mow my grass better and faster with the 600$ riding mower than with the Bad Boy Maverick.

  3. Thanks for sharing, today was my first time on a zero turn and I kept leaving skid marks every time I turned around. Can't wait to mow my yard again now that I actually know how to use it.

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