How to make an Omelette on a griddle!

Learn how to make omelettes on the griddle with just a few easy steps. The inside and fillings are endless, but the technique seems to trip folks up. Hope you enjoy.

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28 thoughts on “How to make an Omelette on a griddle!”

  1. Hussman,
    Very good video. Omelette looked real tasty. Easy to make, too.
    By the way, I know that I always nag you about it, but have you got that place in Kure reserved yet? I can’t wait for a beach video.

  2. Overcooked? Depends on the eater (is that a word). My wife would love that. I prefer barely cooked. It's all in the tastebuds. However, I would kill that one. I mean, it has bacon. Bacon covers a multitude of cooking sins.

  3. I’m sitting here gettin over 4 cracked ribs, not going to say how on here don’t won’t everybody laughing how about sending me some of that egg πŸ₯š since I can’t get up and fix my own.

  4. Hey brutha. I also put hashbrowns in mine but I haven't done any eggs at all on the B'Stone. I'm trying them tomorrow. Love that cutting board too. Is that at your merch store?

  5. I had just finished eating a big'ol Denver omelette, sat on the couch and put my hand under my belt Al Bundy style to watch a Hussey video. And here we get an awesome omelette video! I don't have a Blackstone, so had to manage just using my omelette pan. Thanks so much, buddy! Would love to see a video of you making your salsa! Have a great weekend

  6. Nice & easy is fun sometimes, especially when you dont have much time. Nice cook, looked mighty tasty. I like me some Texas Pete on my eggs also. Thanks for the video and have a good weekend.

  7. I have been trying to do a good omelette on my Blackstone for weeks with varying degrees of success. I have not tried on that low heat yet but I am firing it up right now. Thanks for another great video.

  8. GREAT VIDEOS! enjoy your channel immensely. My wife and I enjoy your recipes. My wife now uses the term "them are some good groceries " LOL. Thank you ,

  9. Excellent, simple cook. Love watching your videos and try a lot of them. I like omelets done on my BS. Some come out better than others, but will follow this cook when doing my next one. Especially the way you fold it. Keep them coming, even though I am behind on trying them all. Lol. Ron

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