How To Make Beef Bourguignon | Chef Jean-Pierre

Hello There Friends! Today I’m very excited to teach you how to make My Beef Bourguignon. It is essentially a Beef Stew with the addition of a Beautiful Red Wine. If you haven’t watched my Beef Stew video yet I highly recommend you do as its one of the most popular videos on the Channel!
I hope you enjoy this Delicious Beef Bourguignon! Let me know how you did in the comments below.

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41 thoughts on “How To Make Beef Bourguignon | Chef Jean-Pierre”

  1. This is going to my dinner during Easter! Need some shopping tomorrow… red wine… funny thing… it sort of "disappeared"… and I got a bit tipsy… 😁
    Just a question about the tiny onions… got a glass, but it is in vinegar, can I use them? (they are kind of cute)
    Made Beef Wellington a few days ago, with mushroom sauce and potato-mash… it was my FIRST time making it, and thanks to you, I followed every step, and it came out… absolutely perfect!

  2. Love this! Going to skip the traditional Passover brisket and make this (minus the bacon this time) this coming weekend. Looks fantastic and a whole lot easier than Julia! Haha. Love the tip on the flour through the strainer. Can't wait to make it. Thanks, Chef!

  3. Greetings food lovers Does any one out there know how to make an authentic cheese cake and I do not mean that ready made factory muck produce rubbish you can by In the supermarkets nowdays which masquerades as a cheese cake.What about Locshin pudding what about the perfect cheese souffle I'm a greatest fan of Jewish ✡ cooking.A super chicken soup with dumplings 🍲 my mother was great in the kitchen. I like a real good mushroom soup and a Chinese hot and sour soup 🍲.

  4. I made this tonight in my home in Hong Kong. Fantastic! Thank you for posting this video and teaching us how to make this excellent dish. Your videos are very funny and also instructive.

  5. Chef millions salutes to you…. for your friendly teaching technique. And really we can see you love your job and we get motivated from you….God bless you chef and many thanks for sharing your knowledge with us…. 🙏❤

  6. “Momma Mia, thank goodness I’m here!” JP, you’re my new fave! 🥰🤪😋🥳🤣 (oh, and I ALWAYS make a roux! I spin a cup of the hot liquid with the flour or thickener in the nutribullet. Then whisk that into the main pot. Perfectly smooth and never lumpy! 😋)

  7. I’m going to a French restaurant so I just needed to learn how to pronounce the dish! I think I can say it somewhat close! Yay! Thanks!

  8. Just got finished with this today and it was amazing! It was so good I took some to my parents, my neighbors, and my roommate’s family! Absolutely amazing! This was the first of many main dishes I have tried and I look forward to trying more. Thank you!

  9. Boef Bourgignon is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite dishes..

    I myself have worked as a chef in restaurants/hotels for 28 years and for the idea with the sieve and the flour I subscribe to you Chef-Jean Pierre ! That's brilliant!

    Greetz from Germany

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