How to Make Empanadas | So Delicious and Easy!

You won’t be able to have just one of these delightful Empanadas. Perfectly spiced beef and vegetables wrapped up in a flakey, golden crust, these beef empanadas come together easily in the oven. Bursting with flavor, these baked empanadas are perfect as an appetizer, dinner, or a mid-day snack!





31 thoughts on “How to Make Empanadas | So Delicious and Easy!”

  1. from a King of Queens episode
    Spence Olchin: Excuse me. Are those empanadas?

    Trish: Yeah.

    Spence Olchin: They are literally my favorite food.

    Trish: I have a whole basket.

    Spence Olchin: Oh. Can I have one?

    Trish: No.

  2. Looks delicious and I will definitely try this and share it with my friends to compare with traditional Filipino empanada. I like celery so your recipe sounds interesting to me.

  3. Hi, maybe you could try to use the torilla press machine to mache the torilla for the empanada, is easier, please try and let me know, as well one question did you left the mixture to rest, for me is time to time breaking in the oven,

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  5. It's a dish that I really want to experience once!🙏 My mouth was watering the whole time I watched the process of making it!🤤It looks so delicious and thank you for your kind explanation!🤍🤍

  6. I just noticed, no matter my mood when watching your YouTube de jour, I always at some point find myself smiling. Thank you for sharing great recipes and your everything. *hugs*. And yes, I pre-ordered your cookbook.

  7. A fun fact: Empanadas are inspired by an Indian sweet dish called Gujiya. They look the same from the outside, the filling is quite different though. Anyway, I am a vegetarian, so I'll make a vegetarian version of this. Thanks John! Much love. ❤️

  8. I'm definitely buying your cookbook asap, and shall await it eagerly! Everything I've ever made with your recipes has been incredible, thank you for doing what you do 💕

  9. I have just recently found your videos. I love watching you cook, you make it look like so much fun. I myself am not a good cook but I am for sure going to try your recipes and I will let you know how they come out. I am going to try this one for sure, looks so yummy! Thanks

  10. We Filipinos are Spanish Colony, Empanadas are one of our favorite snacks here in the Philippines. We can use tuna, pork, sausage and chicken with boiled eggs or raw eggs for fillings. But most Filipinos deep fried it.

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