HOW to Make (lots of) Astral Diamonds during this EVENT (NO Crafting needed) – Neverwinter Mod 22

With this method, you can essentially convert Guild Marks to Astral Diamonds! With the new Sharandar Mastercrafting out, we have new explorer maps to get new reagents. Here I go over how it is done and how you should most likely do it best! Make sure to try and be in a Guild with the Treasure Hunter Boon, and have it active. Ideally you would have Guild Marks saved up for this, but I guess you’ll know for next time! xD

Ultimate Character Upgrade Guide:
– Part 1:
– Part 2:
– Part 3:
– Part 4 Gear Optimization;
⚔️ DPS:
– Part 5:

🎲 Best Damage Buff Artifacts:
🎲 Best Damage Buff Mount Powers:
🎲 Companion Document:
🎲 Mod 22 Mini-Boss & Treasure Maps:
🎲 Trial Mechanics:

Avernus Hunts:
– The Stygian Docks (Shattered Ice Fang, Tantalizing Whip & Cursed Blade):
– The Wasteland (Gore-covered Chain):
– The Scab (Shattered Jaw Trap):

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21 thoughts on “HOW to Make (lots of) Astral Diamonds during this EVENT (NO Crafting needed) – Neverwinter Mod 22”

  1. the problem with the 'Heavy Feywood Barbute' for Tanks (bonus 'Survivor's Gift: if you are above 50% then 7500 Awareness, if below then Stamina Regen is increased by 7.5%') is that you dont want lose 7500 Awareness (especially not if low on HP) which means you still have to cap Awareness without this bonus. It might still make sense to run it (for the rare Stamina Gain source) but its a bit of an odd stat waste. I also wonder how the Stamina Regen works in reality (if it works in the first place:) if you are below 50% and get this bonus, what happens after you reached >50% HP again? does it stop working? that was quite pointless – and means its a minimal benefit only. If it does continue to work even if now >50% then how long? as long the combat mode is active? for a certain internal cooldown time? till it reaches 100%? if the latter then it might make sense to try to avoid reaching the actual 100% to keep the bonus going …

  2. I've been trying to find out what master crafting is. Search engine results are either irrelevant and don't explain it or seeing the info requires an account on facebook or discord. Some people avoid and don't want an account on discord and social networks. It would be nice if someone put all the info somewhere everyone can view it that doesn't require an account to read text.

  3. in todays patch for consoles (28.4.2022) there were some equipment bonuses noted as changed and i think 1 of them had the ribcage bonus, but weaker. can anyone confirm if that's anywhere yet available. my main can do mastercraft already that's why i'm asking, and would do great for my budget builds. or is it in the upcoming sharandar masterworks that have to yet release on console

  4. I knew this, it's why I chose those bonusses in my guild. But, it is great you let others know, can tell you how often to I told people in the alliance this is so much win to do. One, you get Guild Marks, The Alliance gain levels, you get AD or food (sadly nerfed way to much), or when Master crafting returns, you can buy resources from the stronghold temporary vendors.

  5. Imagine have 9 toons with 50k guild marks n after they remove more 99 3 parts side lol im gonna for almost free ad in xbox to broken n make easy for everyone if cryptic not do LOL kkkkkkkkkkkk

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