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48 thoughts on “how to paint Japanese big eyes cartoon character #Japanesecartoon, #forkids, #howto”

  1. What the heck is going on with the mouth? Is she smiling or not?
    The skirt is a bit problematic, the colours are out of place!
    No shading or shadows :l
    To much wrinkles on the clothes.
    The colours are to bold.
    The eyes are pretty tho.
    The linings to messy.
    The hairs weird what's it doing?

    Far from pleasing, practice more
    Put wrinkles only on the part of the body that needs it like the elbow, knee, the chest and the hips.
    What I'm saying is practice and learn more on how to draw certain things.

    I may sound discouraging but I'm just pointing at the things you have to work on.
    Like ramsay but with art.

    Edit: I read the title again, you didn't even teach us how to draw an anime eye, to be honest I'm more disappointed on the fact that you said JAPANESE CARTOON AND you even put #japanesecartoon, no I'm beyond disappointed im mad it's ANIME.

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