How to Perfectly Pest-Proof a Raised Bed

If you’re dealing with digging pests like moles, voles, gophers, or rummaging pests like skunks and raccoons, or even birds and insects, we’ve got you covered. Join @Jacques in the Garden and I as we show you how to perfectly pest-proof the bottom of your bed, and build a frame to hold any time of top cover to your bed, like shade cloth, bird or insect netting, or frost cloth.

00:00 – Intro
00:55 – Leveling Soil
01:36 – Landscape Fabric
02:50 – Hardware Cloth
03:21 – Cardboard
04:44 – Top Frame
08:54 – Filling Bed With Soil


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25 thoughts on “How to Perfectly Pest-Proof a Raised Bed”

  1. Would it be too difficult to include the region in which each commenter lives? I rely a lot on comments for extra tried and true info, but different regions have different problems and pests.

  2. We have voles here by the hundreds! I have been using hardware cloth for the past 7 years. I would have noting to eat if not for that wire mesh barrier. My cats catch a lot of them, but there are just too many here in the south.

  3. We have done this same idea this year but with different materials. Rather than metal poles we used the plastic coated Metal rods that come in a selection of lengths meaning it wont rust out as theres no metal making contact with moisture but it still retains rigidity they also have a sligtly rirged texture along the poles so it easy to string out additional lines for climbers. Then on the corners we have used "Build-a balls" which the rods simply slot into but they also have the benefit of creating a smooth corner so whatever covering material you use to cover with wont snag.

    Ours are currently covered with bird netting as we were having issues with blackbirds and starlings coming down and digging about in the areas i just sowed seed into and also with a local cat who decided my salad bed would make a great litter box 🙁 Not any more kitty!! The 2m lengths have made an easy fruit cage and the shorter ones I have attached a willow concertina trellis as the back wall to grow peas up.

  4. Can you talk about how to garden around water restrictions during drought or to rely on less water in the garden? I've been thinking about getting a rain barrel but other than that not sure how to approach gardening on limited water.

  5. The MakerPipe stuff is great. I used some of their brackets to make a trellis tunnel spanning the walkway between 2 of my raised beds. This year I'm probably going to build a second one.

  6. A great idea. Can you please tell me the maker of those 3 quarter corner fittings you used. I cant find them anywhere. I'm sure I could buy them if I new who made them. Kind regards Malcolm

  7. What are your thoughts about wicking beds? And will you be converting any of the raised beds to wicking beds? 😊 Perth, western Australia

  8. I'm concerned about the gaps at the bottom of the frame where it meets the prepared bottom surface. I see light coming through here and there. We have a huge vole problem and I know they would squeeze through those gaps. The wire cloth would have to fold up inside to make a kind of basket.

  9. That bermuda is going to laugh at that thin weed fabric your better off with layers of thick cardboard woven together that grass really sucks.

  10. I haven't gone through the whole video yet, but wanted to ask for people's opinions on how to mitigate the amount of ants in pots and raised beds? I have red ants in one potted tree, and wanted to know how to get them out without harming the tree 🙏 thank you!!

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