How to Place Yourself in a 3D SPACESHIP (Unreal Engine 5 Tutorial) ft. Solidcom C1

(advertising @hollyland) Hollyland Solidcom C1: – Learn how to put yourself in a 3D spaceship using free assets in Unreal Engine 5 virtual production and record camera tracking with your phone.

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Inspired by Leo Tierney


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44 thoughts on “How to Place Yourself in a 3D SPACESHIP (Unreal Engine 5 Tutorial) ft. Solidcom C1”

  1. You guys are my heroes and always will be when it comes to editing, thank you for always inspiring me and teaching me through the years. We editors appreciate all your effort and hard work. Always be creative!

  2. The unreal engine was so COMPLEX to learn😂 You guys are super cool to make it happen. Btw, the headsets looks nice, lol, even wanted to use them to play CS go. Why do I notice the strange part!

  3. Another thing, AI should be able to generate this in 5 minutes, UE 5 is too complex. Just select image or something for example "similar to" Promitheus and its done. It doesn't look good…The lights should he blinking, and there should he heavy noise..

  4. We as filmmakers needs to jump to the next evolution of the technology that is availble to us and i'm glad you are reguarly now covering unreal engine 5 as i really want to dive into this amazing confusing technology. Thank you

  5. Thank you for a new UE5 tutorial! I like seeing a different approach to framing a Green-Screened performance inside UE so you can render a background you like more! I was curious if you found a way to stabilize the iPhone while creating virtual shots – I tried this with an iPad but it seemed to be quite shakey and laggy compared to keyframing, which is of course less fun.

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