37 thoughts on “How to Practice Scales #shorts”

  1. never seen that scale or any scale done that way. wish I could really see what your doing. There is no rewind, it only loops these shorts. No option to slow it down either. I need to draw me a fret board and systematically try to mark the notes your hitting, but some are hard to tell looking straight on as all your fingers are close and hard to see which are touching strings.

  2. It would be so sick to see you react Australian Indie Pop/rock and surf rock. There are some great and original sounds coming from down here and it would be awesome to see what you think. Some bands may be Spacey Jane, Tame Impala, Teenage Dads, Lime Cordiale, Sticky Fingers, Skegss, Hockey Dad and more!!

  3. Not that helpful. Too fast for folks just starting out, and probably too obvious for the folks that do understand what he did. Great channel, however!

  4. I would love to see a tab for playing scales this way (as in going up in pitch while the fretting hand is moving towards the nut instead of the bridge. Actually a tab for this whole lesson would be great! This is super cool!

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