How to Propagate Plants: 4 Methods to Master

One of the best ways to keep your gardening costs low is learning the art of plant propagation. With a combination of time and skill, you can clone, graft, divide, and air layer your way to a lush garden without breaking the bank. Join Chris as she shares exactly how to propagate using the four most popular methods.

00:00 – Intro
01:10 – Division – Methods & Tools
01:45 – Division – Timing Fresh Growth
02:07 – Division – Tear Apart
02:35 – Division – Benefits
02:53 – Cuttings
03:23 – Cuttings – Timing Soft Hard Wood
03:53 – Cuttings – Sage & Keep Cuttings Moist
04:28 – Cuttings – Before Cutting & Length
05:34 – Cuttings – Setup Station
06:13 – Cuttings – Setup Rooting Hormone
06:44 – Cuttings – Sharp Tool & 4 Nodes
08:00 – Cuttings – Trim Foliage
08:49 – Cuttings – Dip & Stick
09:15 – Cuttings – Prop Station
09:42 – Cuttings – Why Not Water?
10:12 – Graft
10:39 – Graft – Why Graft?
11:31 – Graft – Whip & Tongue
11:56 – Graft – Chip Budding
12:39 – Layering
13:20 – Layering – Identify Stems On Catmint
13:46 – Layering – Severing Layered Oregano
14:14 – Layering – Woodier Stems Gooseberry
14:54 – Layering – Wounding Woody Material
15:10 – Layering – Easy Method
15:37 – Outro


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25 thoughts on “How to Propagate Plants: 4 Methods to Master”

  1. Great lesson; she's a born teacher! I'm wondering how Rosemary would propagate with the wounding and layering method. I have propagated Rosemary 4" and 6" new Spring growth in water; they sprouted roots in about 2-3 weeks and I planted the stems in my garden soil. Chris' method, I'd like to try. What are your thoughts?

  2. This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I just started propagating my basil and snap dragons yesterday! We’ll see how it goes, but this was helpful. 👍

  3. I just told my husband that using a stirrup hoe was not the best thing in rainy weather. It’s good because the dirt is soft but when you chop up these little plants in real rainy weather they’ll just propagate themselves, lol. Be sure to pick up those chopped up weeds.

  4. I'm by Tampa Florida and now it's early summer for me. I have been taking cuttings from my coleus, impatiens and sunpatiens from last year so I don't need to buy more plants. I'm doing about 50 percent on my zonal geranium cuttings. I take cuttings from my shrubs to give to my neighbors. This is the best fun for me. I shop the clearance shelf at my local Walmart and I've had good luck buying strugglers and bringing them home, when they grow I take cuttings. Easy peasy and cheap.

  5. Wow! Talk about right on time. I'm so into this lecture and demonstration. I've been figuring out propogation (because I'm poor and don't have money to buy more plants) for the last couple years. It's so easy! Just make a cutting and stick it in the ground during warm months. But I'm still learning and would suggest you watch the entire video.

  6. You can clone any plant really. You don't need any kind of permission. Why would anyone need permission? I don't care about things like that. They did not create the natural process involved, so they can stick it. It's too bad. I've propagated loads of plants that supposedly cannot be propagated. I've given most away or placed near my home for anyone to take for free. I don't care about a few pounds. Plants are beautiful and fun…..the snobs that think they have some right over a process that is entirely natural can shove it! Propagate away, it's really easy!!!!

    A famous UK Rose breeder wil be hugely pleased to know his roses look beautiful and grow magnificently in India…..grown from stem cuttings on own rootstock as opposed to grafting. I took a few stems for my friend to grown on. Since then he has given away stem cuttings too! It's not about money….these people are the elite in India. They can buy anything. It's the fun!

  7. Nice! I just put in some cherry tree cuttings into medium before watching this. Almost good timing!

    If you're doing propagation through cuttings, I've found that the humidity really is the most important thing. My understanding is that the plant is able to absorb water through its leaves while the roots are developing. If you can keep the humidity up you have a good shot at keeping the cuttings alive. Also always take more cuttings than you think you'll need! There's an attrition rate, even if you do everything correctly.

  8. Gooseberry plants are extremely easy to propagate. just cut off about 6" or 8" of new growth, strip off the bottom 3 sets of leaves, and stick it in the ground where you want it to grow. It will develop roots and begin to grow into a new plant.

  9. Back from the nutrient rich soil to give us just what we need. We’ve been propagating like maniacs over here in MI for a couple months now

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