How to PROPERLY Install a Quick Release Steering Wheel (with Working Horn)

Learn how to change your steering wheel so you can remove your old steering wheel and replace it with a quick release steering wheel. In this video I show you how to remove the airbag and steering wheel and install a Momo steering hub, an NRG quick release hub and a racing steering wheel with push buttons for the horn and radio.

Thanks @ThatDudeinBlue for sharing your dangerous steering wheel footage!

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NRG Quick Release:
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Push to Talk Button for Radio Communication:
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Common Hand Tools:

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0:00 Intro
0:18 What does a quick release steering wheel do?
3:19 Common hand tools and products
5:37 How to remove airbag
9:26 How to wire horn
11:22 How to remove steering wheel
13:06 How to install quick release steering wheel
18:35 Which steering wheel should you get?
21:56 How to install a push to talk button
25:38 Testing the quick release steering wheel

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26 thoughts on “How to PROPERLY Install a Quick Release Steering Wheel (with Working Horn)”

  1. Just when I thought of buying a universal steering wheel with clip on, and this video pops out from my feeds. 😍😍 Makes me more excited and knowledgeable to what I am going to do. 💯💯 Right on queu. 🥰🥰

  2. Thats awesome, but one remark – when you unscrew center bolt from steering wheel – screw it back on 2-3 threads, and ONLY after that pull steering off. Most of the time its really hard to get steering off, so you have to pull it really hard. And without center bolt screwed in, you'll break your nose. Believe me, I know what I'm saying 🙁
    And when you pulled off your steering wheel, you can unscrew that center bolt with your hand and remove steering completely.

  3. Hey Chris just wondering could you have mounted the communications button the the hub instead there fire not having the cable connected to the steering wheel just wondering about it?

  4. You didn't have to show how it works on different car models, you didn't have to say how to lay down the air bag for our safety, but you did it anyway. That is passion. That is quality content.

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