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10:17 Grocery Haul
13:40 Totals & Cost Comparison
15:30 House vs. Name Brand Taste Test

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  1. Hienz ketchup & Cheetos. Oreos also. I try to buy the store brand if they are available in most stuff. This week I did buy egglands best eggs because they were cheaper. But I love them. It might just be me but they taste better. But with littles in the house I normally can’t justify the extra cost. This was a great video!

  2. I agree and am name brand with oreo, but I must say aldi came out with an off brand oreo that my whole family agrees is a good dupe! They're almost always sold out though 🙁

  3. I am brand loyal to medications because of a life threatening allergy to filler components in pills.

    Spice blends versus the pure spices are a problem because of the anti caking fillers that are in the packaging.

  4. Walmart actually sells both pure cane and beet sugar. The packages look essentially the same. If you look very carefully, one says sugar and the other says cane sugar.

  5. This was great! Something i knew was true!! Can you do a video on comparing generic aldi and generic walmart? I think there is a big difference there too!!

  6. I wouldn't say I'm brand loyal to velveta because my family will eat other shells Mac and cheese. But we do prefer velveta shells. When think of this it's the only thing that really came to mind.

  7. My only brand loyalty is to Dawn dish soap. Nothing compares in my opinion. When it comes to food products, gimme the store brand and the clearance please! Great video!

  8. The shortages have caused us to try many blind taste tests so we have voted and things come out a little different every time but nothing funnier then taste testing two house brands Mac and cheese and two out of three choose one kind and then make sure the third family member would be okay eating it if we got it next time. Normally we are brand loyal to Cheez it’s and Heinz ( although Lidl ketchup is almost identical so I have used that recently too). My son and husband are also Ritz loyal but we just buy them less often. We sometimes prefer Lidl house brand over Aldi in pretzel and tortilla chip. We used to be Ocean Spray and Coke and Fanta brand loyal but we have switched to name brand to stay in budget. We also switched to 2 liter soda as our treat so we can all enjoy some soda with dinner for around $0.88 because cased soda even on sale was too expensive.

  9. I am usually not brand loyal on most things, because I find great value to be very comparable; however, there is one thing I will stay brand loyal on: microwave popcorn. I have tried many brands, but I always go back to Orville Redenbacher. I find the GV brand doesn’t pop as well and always tastes stale to me. There are other brands that I have tried that come close, but the Orville Redenbacher just has a softer popcorn and I find it feels less greasy on the palette.

  10. Im brand loyal with Vegemite and Twinings Lady Grey Tea.
    BTW, many of the food in Aldi's own brands are supplied by the same factories as brand companies, but often the smaller brand companies. So they may taste slightly different to the big name you're used to but the same as the well known second, sometimes more pricey, brand name

  11. I almost never buy name brand items. I actually prefer the Aldi brand in most things these days. Here in Australia, Aldi is about the same price as the generics from other supermarkets but the quality is just way better. I grew up with generics (called homebrand in Australia) so I’ve never really bothered with name brands.

  12. I always buy the cheapest item, whether it is generic/store brand or on special. At my local supermarket the specials repeat themselves at intervals so that makes it easier to do. The only product I never buy the cheapest of is toilet paper as it is false economy to buy thinner because of cost as we just use more. We two 63 and 74 year old humans and one kitty of about 9 year old live in Melbourne Australia which is the second largest city in Australia.

  13. One thing I buy name brand is the gluten free pasta, because I've tried the house brand several times but it just isn't as good. I would actually rather not buy any and save the money then to buy the house brand.

  14. I use a l ot of store brand products but does anybody know of any mayonnaise that taste like Kraft? It has to be Kraft! I'm open to suggestions please! Thank you!

  15. Holy savings batman!!!!!! What an eye opener! We've recently switched to generic on most items. I'm angry with myself for waiting so long. Thanks for doing this comparison shop at Walmart.

  16. For our family it really depends on the product. Certain things have to be certain brands for example we only buy tide or gain laundry pods and dawn dish soup no matter what. On the other hand we prefer store brand ketchup to the name brand. Also has to be name brand coffee but we’re fine with store brand breads and cheese (however do not like Walmart brand cheese)

  17. I buy mostly Great Value products as I am on a fixed income. However, there are a few things that I have tried that I can tell a difference, so I have gone back to the name brands. I buy name brand saltines, name brand soups (if I am eating them as soup) but prefer the Great Value "cream of" soups if I am using them in cooking. I used to buy name brand canned tomatoes, beans, etc. but have found the tastes fine. This has saved me a lot of money. I am now trying to buy mainly seasonal produce but there are a few things I buy year round. However, I love cutes and there is no way I am paying $4.50 or $7 for a bag of them. Thanks for the tips and trying to help us all with our budget.

  18. I am brand loyal in certain things (ranch dressing,saltine crackers, potato chips) when my kids were younger I would buy the bag cereal and put it in the box. Now my kids are older they eat the bag cereal with no problems.

  19. The Bush pinto beans are better than Wal-Mart brand. They taste under cooked .They have gone up over a 1.00 a can.I get get the dry beans and put them in the crockpot.

  20. Just FYI, once you open the ultra pasteurized dairy products they are usually only good for 7-10 days. I doubted this information when I heard it, but read the carton and sure enough it said to discard after 7-10 days. Now I will use canned products or dry goods way past their Best Buy dates, but I don’t want to feed my family spoiled milk.

  21. The only thing I'm brand loyal to is Mayonnaise. However, I recently tried out Duke's & I like it a bit better than Hellmann's. I grew up eating Miracle Whip, can't stand it since 30 years ago, I worked at a Subway & they only had mayo. As far as store brands go, I prefer to buy at Aldi because if you do not like their product, there's a money back guarantee! Sometimes DOUBLE! So, you're not really losing by trying! I feel that the less ingredients in an item, the taste difference is hard to tell. Tell your cute kids I prefer the Aldi brand Ritz because they are LESS salty & I love the Aldi cheese club mac & cheese over Kraft!!!!

  22. Yes to the Oreos and Kraft Mac and Cheese! Also Hormel Pepperoni, Red Baron Frozen Pizza (Brick Oven Pepperoni!), Campbell's Bean and Bacon Soup, as well as Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dressing! We've tried generic for these, but decided we preferred the name brands. Pretty much everything else, I buy generic though. I recently switched my family to Great Value Chips, particularly the GV Cheese Puffs, Original Potato Chips, BBQ, and Original. No one complained, and I've saved some money! This was a great video!!! 😃

  23. I am brand loyal to s few things. I will try generic brands and I find the just fine in many products. But what I am brand loyal to are:
    Best Foods mayonnaise
    Bumble Bee tuna
    Hunts or Heinz ketchup
    Lipton instant tea
    Nescafe coffee
    Campbell's soup if I am just eating it as soup. I can use generic if I am using it in a recipe.
    Wish Bone Italian dressing.
    Del Monte spinach
    Almost everything else I buy, I buy generic.

    Thanks for taking one for team.
    I love your videos.

  24. I usually only buy name brand when they are on big sales, like loss leader type sales. Walmart is more expensive in my city because we have a lot of shoplifters. C&H is better sugar than the store brand. It is worth the boost. My fave coffee is actually Safeway Select Organic Italian roast and I'm pretty sure they are roasted in the same factory as Starbucks.

  25. I’m brand loyal to Kraft macaroni and cheese, Hellman’s or Dukes mayonnaise and Lawry’s seasoned salt.

    I pretty much have been buying house brand products all of my life unless the name brand is on sale.

    I grew up in a large family and we always bought “generic” or store brand stuff even when it came in the old black and white
    packaging that said GENERIC on it back in the 1970’s.

    I can remember when Aldi first came to our area back in the mid to late 1970’s. We would buy their brand of chips, cookies and crackers because that was what we could afford. It was that or not buy those items, so I have learned not to be a food snob when it comes to many items and my budget.

  26. We buy mostly generic unless it's a cleaning/household product. We find the "rich and creamy" store brand mac to be the best and most delicious (if it's Kraft, we won't eat it).

  27. Roserita refried beans, real cane sugar (pickness in my house can tell if it's beet sugar….), mission street tacos (mainly because the others fall apart), kraft mac and cheese. I think that's it really.

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