How To Spot FAKE Airpods… #Shorts

Do you have fake AirPods? you might…
better safe than sorry

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27 thoughts on “How To Spot FAKE Airpods… #Shorts”

  1. ngl, if they work, good or decent quality an doesnt fall apart as soon as i use them, im fien with them, no ones gonna run up to you, grab your airpods and be inspecting to see if they real or not every now and then

  2. There are hundreds of different fake airpods. Ranging from €3 to €70. Of course the cheaper ones use cheaper material but there is (almost) no way to tell the difference between the real and the €70 fake airpods.

  3. How to spot fake air pods : You don't cause they are both made in china LUL I've bought fake ones before they work pretty good like the real one until it dies off cause of the shit material they use.

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