How to stagger bosses more often (Elden Ring PvE Tips & Tricks)

How does poise breaking work in Elden Ring? How can you stagger bosses more often, stance break enemies more often and get more critical hits in return? This video is guaranteed to help you get better at the game and take down more bosses with ease.

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33 thoughts on “How to stagger bosses more often (Elden Ring PvE Tips & Tricks)”

  1. Explaining how poise breaking works in Elden Ring.
    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (I tested what comments requested):
    – Curved Sword Talisman does NOT increase guardcounter poise damage
    – Poise carries over through cutscenes and does not decay
    – Poise seems to decay slower while the boss is attacking
    – Spells do poise damage, the heavier the more. The hammer sorcery was doing 20ish while pebble did 3.

  2. Not giving us a visual feedback was a huge mistake by Fromsoft, like at the very least give us a talisman or equipment to view it!

    On my first playtrough I tried to use charged attacks as much as possible and did strange break enemies a lot, but on repeat playtroughs that playstyle is close to non existent (unless obvious opening) and otherwise the stance breaks happens thanks to the very OP and unbalanced jumping attacks that also seem to do high stagger damage.

    Then there are the OP ashes of war like the Redmane flame that make stance breaking effortless (recommend carrying a secondary dagger with Royal knights resolve to take advantage of this strategy).

  3. I was wondering why I was doing so well in the early game despite many people having so much trouble with Margit and Tree Sentinel, but turns out it was because I was using Square Off quite a bit during those early fights

  4. Great info about damage holding the timer from beginning poise regen. I'm guessing this doesn't work for something like poison but it would be interesting to test out all other effects like bloodflame blade etc and see if any of those have any sort of effect.

  5. Interesting. So from Fextralife, they say Flame of redmanes and glintblade phalanx does 40 poise damage. But your testing says otherwise, 29? Does poise do anything in pvp?

    Do parries do damage to poise? Or are they on a separate monitored stat?

    Great vid!

  6. Hey great video I figured there was a poise time but I wasn't sure and was wondering how much poise the katana unsheath was because I staggered Margot in 4 heavy unsheaths with no poise buffs

  7. honestly i used square off A LOT in early-game, and i was wondering why i broke the guard of so many enemies with it compared to, well, lights and heavies (jumps included). now i know

    thank you for this!

  8. It'd be interesting to see the poise damage when you use a weapon art and hit with both the effect and the weapon, like using Moonveil or Ice Spear at point-blank range.

  9. do any of the magic spells (sorceries, incantations, etc) do poise damage? you showed an ash of war that does do it, but what options do mages have?

  10. that explains why I was so confused on how you staggered bosses like margit and tree sentinal in your level one videos vs when i tried it. square off is fucking crazy and animations can fuck you, got it lol

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