32 thoughts on “How to Time the Glintblade + Collapsing Star Combo – Elden Ring”

  1. I think my favorite magic combo is walking up to someone and pressing the Carian Slicer button 4 times, dealing like 1800 damage

  2. I think magic in this game has potential to actually require skill more than ever with all of the delays or possible mix-ups but the broken fancy stuff takes away from that quite a bit.

  3. I am more interested in you mentioning Chrono Trigger, if you're playing it for the first time I really hope you like it one of my favorite games of all time.

  4. My friend did something similar but instead of collapsing stars he cast magic glintblade, then waited cast swift glintstone shard into comet, glintstone shard flinches and so I got nailed by both magic glintblade and comet, this combo is probably better since gravity doesn’t care about poise but I like the amount of combo variety you get

  5. Seen people using collapsing stars into Moonveil. I found this spell recently since I actually thought of the gravity moonveil combo during launch but thought the basic spell was too weak.

  6. Another great combo is sudoku + bloodhound step + dual cross naginata. Only downside is I heard you need to have pretty low self-esteem to use it, but that hasn't been a problem for me!

  7. Fee like you can time that for an unavoidable roll catch which could be broken no? Like yea you gotta time it but like how long would it really take for you to master that.

  8. There's an amazing magic combo I ran into the other day. Some guy used stars of ruin and then stars of ruin and and then stars of ruin and then stars of ruin and then I died wow.

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