How to Turn a Few Notes Into a 3 Minute Piece of Music

Download the full-length 70-minute version of this tutorial + the MIDI file + the Cubase project + the stereo mix!


How do you turn a simple idea into a fully developed 3-minute piece of music? How can you take a few notes and develop the motif into a structured composition? It’s a problem that many composers face so Guy Michelmore comes to the rescue with lots of suggestions for ways to develop your orchestral ideas into fully-fledged pieces of music.

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How To Write Music explores the fundamental skills that underpin every great piece of music whether it’s a song or a film score, string quartet or video game sounds track.

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37 thoughts on “How to Turn a Few Notes Into a 3 Minute Piece of Music”

  1. I wish you were my Grandfather, I really wanna learn how to get out of being trapped in the same 4 chords but keep the emotion that I'm tryna convey they switch it up, this video has what I need AND FREE KNOWLEDGE WOOOOOOOOOOOO

  2. Thank you for sharing your workflow. There's so much experience shared in this video! I've been composing with trackers/MIDI all my life from back in the Commodore days. I use Reaper now, all your lessons can easily be applied to any DAW. My reactions to this video were a lot of "oh I need to start doing that more!" I need to speed up my work.

  3. Absolute awesome. I especially like how you have things organized, the instruments ready and you know where they are and how the tools work so you can focus on making music. I have same equipment and software, but missing your skills and experience.

  4. Beautiful, as always! Thank you. 🙂 Which harp library do you recommend to get those wonderful glissandos? Searching for one at the moment that's more intuitive than manually programming each instance.

  5. damn Guy that is awesome 🙂 i want to do that sooooooo bad haha i joind your courses but i have no clue how i can write such a piece 🙁 thx for the download will study it 🙂 cheers janosch

  6. Brilliant Guy, thank you! Watching the way you combine instruments / voicings is so instructive. But the phrase "The Thingy Line" is going to haunt my dreams for while! Cheers!

  7. Now all we need is an equally talented filmmaker to make a film fit for this. Really liked it and it’s exactly the type of music I aspire to writing, I love how it never gets stagnant and keeps evolving.

  8. Thanks Guy. Wonderful as usual 👍.
    By the way, what's the point of the margin you always leave at the beginning of each project?
    I don't normally do that!

  9. Guy I just wanna say THANK YOU for giving away all of this valuable knowledge for FREE! This video is exactly what I needed, and the fact that you included a 70min unedited version of the video PLUS the project files in the description is just amazing. Thank you, Guy!

    Also, really great piece of music as always 😉

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