How To Turn Awkwardness Into Attraction

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Timothée Chalamet has two traits you don’t often see go hand in hand. He’s self admittedly very awkward, and yet women find him incredibly attractive.

This is interesting because Timothée is not your stereotypical jock alpha male, in either looks or personality. He’s shy and at times seems uncomfortable when speaking: looking down, fidgeting, or putting his hands in his pockets.

How can someone who’s self admittedly awkward be so attractive? While he’s definitely handsome, much of Timothée’s attractiveness comes through in his personality.

Part of what makes Timothée so magnetic is how well he handles potentially awkward moments.

So in this video, we’ll go over 7 tricks you can learn from Timothée to turn your awkward moments into moments where you’re actually making yourself more attractive.

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0:00 – Intro.
1:12 – #1: Radiate positivity
2:57 – #2: Appear unfazed by smiling through a tease
4:28 – #3: Don’t assume negative intent in ambiguous situations
6:22 – #4: Call out the awkwardness
9:03 – #5: Pass the conversational spotlight to the other person
9:58 – #6: Share your higher purpose
12:14 – #7: If this doesn’t go well, on with the rest of life

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21 thoughts on “How To Turn Awkwardness Into Attraction”

  1. Ummm that jawline…. skinny, gorgeous baby faced dudes with incredibly jawlines can absorb get away with and in fact become endearing by being awkward. It's the humidity combined with his natural charisma, undoubted self confidence, looks & incredible talent. Some people are just next level and no matter what it can't be replicated

  2. I know exactly why timothy is so charming, it's his feminine energy it s loud and clear he s comes as sensual soft and gentle and different from the stereotype of strong masculine men and make people confused to what is attractive about him and not knowing what it is makes him more charming for them..

  3. All that stuff about girls wanting protection from their man is bull this guy makes a crack ho look buff whats special about him anyway?

  4. he is the ultimate prettyboy. Most of man underestimate how attractive prettyboys are to girls.
    A prettyboy will outperform bodybuilder alphamales when it comes to female attraction most of the time.

  5. The most awkward people ae talk show hosts like jimmy fallon or Ellen Degeners, they are etremely awkward and I feel like it's the celebrities task to take over and not let the show/interview flop because of them.

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