How to Use Biswap – BEST DEX on BNB Chain! Full Guide

Biswap is the best decentralized exchange you can use on the BNB Smart Chain and other blockchains in the future like Ethereum. Biswap is like Uniswap but you get free BSW tokens when you trade, but you never get UNI tokens for trades. Here’s how and why to use Biswap! Sub today! –

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Decentralized Exchanges (DEX’s) are some of the most valuable projects in crypto. Biswap has launched on the BNB Chain, giving it cheap fees – but better yet, they offer you the chance to earn a percentage of your fees back in their Biswap BSW token! How do you use Biswap? Is it worth leaving other DEXs behind to farm free tokens? Trading crypto on a DEX is something many users do almost daily, so making money while trading is a huge incentive to keep using their exchange rather than others. Let’s look deeper into the exchange and find out how you can make money with the Biswap DEX!

Did you know Binance no longer calls their Ethereum clone chain “Binance Smart Chain BSC”? It has been rebranded to BNB Smart Chain, supporting their BEP-20 tokens.

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00:00 Free coins every time you trade?
00:59 Biswap DEX on the BNB Chain
01:50 BNB Chain vs ETH popularity & fees
04:01 Trading on Pancakeswap vs Biswap
07:21 Biswap BSW Tokenomics & rewards
09:02 Adding liquidity on Biswap
11:25 Staking your Biswap BSW tokens
13:06 Biswap Launchpad & NFT market
14:50 Biswap Certik Audit
15:28 Biswap referral system
16:45 VoskCoin Biswap Video Guide

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  1. As for transaction fees, in Metamask, I always manually go in and select the cheapest transaction speed for the lowest fees. I’ve only had one transaction fail in months. But hey, it saves a few bucks each trade.

    Why pay more, when you don’t have to for a single trade.

    One thing I’m tired of is KYC on so many exchanges. I just wanna buy this sh1tcoin, that’s only available on this random a$$ exchange. Why we gotta bring passport and drivers licenses into the equation? lol

  2. I got hacked and lost 3950 bsw… That was about 0.1 bitcoin… I lost 50% of my total capital on this way… I will not trust again any DEX, o dont click anywhere else or share paswords etc…

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