How to use TikTok: download, make Tik Tok video and share

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It’s easy to feel left behind on TikTok, the teen-conquering social media platform that seems like a dizzying churn of frantic creativity and Drake In My Feelings challenges. Yet the world is tuning in.

Usage has soared in lockdown: according to Music Business Worldwide, the video app saw an 18 per cent increase in downloads, with two million between March 16 and 22, a jump of 1.7 million on the week before.

In the next second, 11 videos will have been watched somewhere in the world — a kid from Germany leaping over a row of 27 rolls of toilet paper in her garden (#lockdownlife) perhaps, or an NHS nursing team breaking out a synchronised dance — while 45 new users have just downloaded the app.

Most videos on TikTok — owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company — take on a challenge set to snappy earworms, music or dubbed dialogue. It is what The Economist called “YouTube on steroids”, an app that has seen over one and a half billion users congregate since its launch in 2017 to share their self-recorded, 15-second-ish videos. If you’re finally getting into it, here is a guide.

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