How to use Water Parts in Obby Creator!

Hey everyone! This quick tutorial shows you how to use the new Water Parts feature in Obby Creator. Enjoy!

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45 thoughts on “How to use Water Parts in Obby Creator!”

  1. Can you add a part that follows you or a magnet part? It would be great to have monsters or zombies chase you around the obby, or even pets that follow you around, it would be revolutionary but it's totally fine if it doesn't work for the game.

  2. Beautiful addition, but you could create the doors, but which are really parts, which we don't have to build, and the doors that when they open there is animation

  3. Mario, i have a suggestion, Camera Part, which is 2 split parts and if you click/tap on any of those parts you can see from the other part, i probably think others that make cameras want this, so please add it! I know it will take alot of coding though.

  4. I made a tutorial explaining the whole update! It includes the spotlight effect and the Underground building gamepass!

    (Mario please tell me if my video is accurate)

  5. Here's the explaination for mario:

    So we joined the update a bit early. Everyone is playing update and looks normal. But here's what happened to everyone.. We just cilent disconnected and it's happening to all servers.. Uhh.. I thought my obby was deleted but i saw everyone in spawn stacking each other (that was interesting lol) i don't know why.. And then i got.. Cilent Disconnect..? Everyone was like "WTH" "what happened??" "We got disconnect guys" then i said in chat "is this happening to y'all?" And then, it's true. it's happening to all servers. I saw on that leaderboard. Everyone has zero crash but it restarted and everything looks absolute fine. This reminds me of something.. Is my alt pretend i'm a fake hacker and going to hack Obby Creator. Mario..? Is this happening to you..??

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