24 thoughts on “How to win as Strategist 1V1”

  1. this gamemode is proof that average WoT players literally cannot conceive the thought of a crossfire, and only know how to press W and cry about when it doesnt work

  2. Well just the best explanation of this mode and really some insight into how the random games might be played with a competitive team that understands the game. (be nice if that happened more)😂

  3. My setup is mostly for shits and giggles and for trying my next hypothetical grinds out. I take a Maus, Jpz, Pzkfw VI, E 100, AMX, T 62A, Obj 430 u and an E3 and usually have them all rush with a T62 A camp. Won a few times but mostly loses cause I do not care about the win.

  4. I dont want to play this mode because I know WG is going to fuck it up post launch like they did Steelhunter due to people crying good players kill them all the time,I feel in love with Steehunter 1.0 and now with later versions I really dont have as much fun as I used to I dont want that kind of disappointment with Strategist knowing it used to be good before WG streamlines it for the shitters.

    I like the mode I can win at the mode but I dont want to play it since it seems like a waste of time, its a fun waste of time but I can have just as much fun with Random battles/Skirmishes/other video games.

    Thanks for the video every other CC just shit talks the mode for no reason with out going in dept because "UR DUR WG BAD WG MADE NEW THING NEW THING BAD!" for the record its not as bad as people make it out to be.

  5. Press Battle, put all tanks in the same spot full send, win 50% of the time in 5 mins, repeat. You can fail your way to all the rewards in 5x 5 min games, and move on with your life. Thanks for the 2500 bonds and BIA crew.

  6. In 1v1, I mostly meet enemies that either rush in (easy win for me) or camp at the base (easy win for him), without much inbetween. I rarely meet someone actually trying to play tactically.
    In 1v7, it's basically the same, although a camping strategist is easy to defeat as well if the players aren't completely braindead.

    That's why art of strategy is garbage imo. It's not WGs fault. It's the mindset of the strategists.
    But who am I trying to blame? Art of strategy has a completely different gameplay than classic wot. Maybe some players like both, but you can't expect every wot player to like art of strategy.

  7. TL;DR: How to play this mode seriously. But most of us are only in it for the rewards after 18 collection. The faster it is to do that, the better.

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