I Bought a BULLDOZER and Don't Know How to Operate It!!!

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39 thoughts on “I Bought a BULLDOZER and Don't Know How to Operate It!!!”

  1. Flair if you do move to the ranch for hunting season you need to get Macy on a nice buck. Be safe with all of the large equipment that you now have. I love all of the your videos.

  2. Flair I definitely see pooljet running the dozer for sure!! I definitely see him getting used to how to run a dozer really good!! I definitely can say that they take a little bit to getting used to running one!! I’ve definitely ran an older one and it also was either forward or backwards and don’t use the clutch unless switching from forward and backwards!!! You will get used to it after running one for a day or two!!!

  3. Get minnows and shiners in there yesterday. And take notes on bamabass pond series…
    Dude added so many viewers over last 6 months such in depth videos of his pond build… that’s what flair fans wanna see on the new lake build .

  4. The bigger 750 dozer to me is easier to use than the smaller one you got because the one you have is more for finish and smoothing work and isn't as good at moving dirt. You should have listened to Chad, at least get in the bigger one and see if it feels easier

  5. If you were to move to the Ranch, this time of year would be prime time with dry weather, no mud or snow and it would be a good time to move the animals and the barns in the enclosure!

  6. Your collection of different tractors reminds me of my Tonka tractors I had when I was little!! They were so cool!! You could ride on them and have endless hours of down and dirty fun!!!

  7. ya know money issues are starting to happen when mans gotta advertise mobile games :O I think nmplol on twitch said he was going to start with mobile and crypto gambling ads like stake since twitch was decrease payouts haha

  8. You need a machine control system for this. I install it on all kinda of equipment it doesn’t have to be as expensive as your Sailsman told you hit me up for more info.

  9. Watch YouTube channel letsdig18. He’s a master operator of excavator and other equipment. The lake is looking great. I wouldn’t call that a pond!

  10. The original point of the new house was to be closer to town/family. Moving to the ranch is a big step backwards even if it is for several months. Unless you're trying to time the real estate market it really does not make a lot of sense….but I'm not you so do your own thing of course. Moving once sucks and moving twice sucks way more.

  11. So I'm a Christian and whatever you want to roll with consider this. My wife bought this movie Genesis and there were some guys on there that believe we've created an artificial dating system for things (my words). Hear me out, their belief is that things happened so quick in layers of erosion of the grand canyon that the only way it could happen in their eyes was the great flood with Noah and how fast the water receded and drained. Now consider your sea shell and shark tooth comment at 20:00 minutes. I've been told the same things you all have all your life and it just kind of makes you think a little in a different way, a "what if."

  12. This is a sign of a YouTuber with too much free money buying a machine he can operate, doesn't actually need, and just wants a new toy to play with. Why not just give 25k to charity, it would be more worthwhile.

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