Liberal Parent Trying To Figure Out How To Cheer For His Son Brandon

Can this parent cheer for his son Brandon without saying the dreaded, “Let’s go, Brandon!“? Watch and find out. #letsgobrandon

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34 thoughts on “Liberal Parent Trying To Figure Out How To Cheer For His Son Brandon”

  1. Sorry I can barely afford to pay my rent and feed my ass I have to raise rabbit to have good source of inexpensive protein but at any time when the 3% in this country decide enough I will be willing to fight with them until then let's go Brandon

  2. These are the most fucked up close captions I’ve ever seen. They don’t caption language. Only actions. Gee it’s really nice that you told me they are clapping. Now tell me what they are saying. I hate being deaf in a hearing world.

  3. One of these days American conservatives will probably see American Christian conservatives as liberal.. see because as a Puritan Christian I recently learned what that phrase means and based on scripture when Paul says let nothing unholesome come out of your mouth, I find out that I cannot quote those words. It's definitely not encouraging.

  4. Well perhaps go my non disrupt child = well maybe dunna' too hard = remember the feelings of those how ayre less and off a bit? Perhaps try less= good for the world= try less.remember its for the collective?

  5. His son? HIS SON? How dare you assign gender. This is the kind of Patriarchal bigotry we're fighting against. Your little satires just perpetuate the tyranny.

  6. Republicans are a disgrace to America. Fox News crowd just gets dumber and dumber by the day. Now the Christians are taking books away from our schools because they are nervous that we humans might evolve and realize that Christianity is pure stupidity.

  7. Lol, haven't seen this before. Youtube defaulted the subtitles to Russian on this video. Not sure if they think I'm a Russian bot or if Babylon Bee is Russian propaganda haha

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