Nothing Launcher Review | How To Make Your Phone Worse

Reviewing the Nothing Launcher from Carl Pei & co, to be featured on the 2022 upcoming Nothing Phone, assuming that still actually happens. Is this one of the best launchers around? Nope. Is it worth downloading? Well, just watch this video and save yourself the time and effort.

The Nothing Launcher can be grabbed from the Google Play store for your Android smartphone, here’s the full setup instructions. You can only test it out if you have a Samsung Galaxy S21 or S22 series phone (including Plus or Ultra models), Pixel 5 or later, and soon a OnePlus handset.

Don’t worry if your phone isn’t supported however! In this very short review we show you everything that the Nothing Launcher has to offer. It’s really that basic. Three widgets! A terrifying alarm! Massive folders! Pretty much sod all else to talk about! Are you liking this Carl Pei ‘joint’? Have you smoked a few too many ‘joints’?

Nothing Launcher Review Chapters:
0:00 – The Making Of
1:24 – Installing & setup
2:20 – Wallpapers & widget
3:41 – Sounds
4:23 – Other sh*te


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  1. …all they ve achieved is couple of wallpapers and couple of widgets, that look like they came out of a 5-years old Android version… this is definitely a definition of "Nothing".

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