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  1. Hi… how to solve this ? image width will be 148px, height will be 207px, image format will be jpg, file size will be less than 12 kb, and dpi will be 150…. i am try many way to get the result, but nothing happening after saving the file. please give me a good way to get the result… Thanks

  2. How is this changing DPI? You are changing PPI. DPI & PPI are not the same. Pixel per inch is a unit used for monitor displays while dots per inch is a unit used for printers and scanners and have nothing to do with PPI. So this tutorial isn't changing DPI but PPI. Pixel do not equal dots.

  3. I dont understand. Changing dpi this way is merely a trick, you're just changing the printing size so that if you print it that dimensions, it would bare that DPI. What if i dont know which dimension the image will be printed? 
    I make an example: i got an image to be printed to 12.5×6.5 inches at 900 DPI, that means, correct me if i'm wrong, that this image should be 12.5*900x 6.5*900 pixels to effectively be printed at 900 dpi, right?

  4. I am so glad I saw this tutorial! I have a school project due today, and he wanted the DPI to be 300, and it was on 72! I had forgotten to change it when I made the image to start with.. Would hate to have lost all the work. Thank you!

  5. After weeks of searching and trying to figure this out – you were a huge help! Now, I can take any picture and expand it to fill my computer screen (the higher the screen's resolution the better), take a screen shot, and change the dpi on that shot.

    I used Google's free Picassa program to do the screen captures, crop and make refinements, and then export the image.

    From there, I don't have Photoshop. I use Corel's PhotoImpact (I suspect Gimp would work fine too) to make the dpi change.

  6. This is also down to calibration of either your printer or monitor. If your monitor is badly calibrated then it won't be showing you the colours correctly. So if I were to work on an image in Photoshop using a badly calibrated monitor, and then had that picture printed online I may see that the colours that I can see on my monitor don't reflect what I received back from a professional print shop.
    Did that make sense?

  7. Hi, Please, could you clarified me the next; after change DPI , may I copy the figure and paste in PPT like figure, the figure Does it has still 300 DPI? in order to electronic figure submission. sorry I´'m captain caveman!!, thanks so much.

  8. need your help! i want to resize my image to 2.5 x 3 with DPI of 300. but when i do that, the image stretches and not what i expected to be…. so how can i keep the same proportion while changing the size?? thank you

  9. @supernaruto24 It is more of a problem with the printers than the file. If your printer at school is set to print crazy colors you can't do much about it other than trial and error.

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